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This list is not a full timeline of events of the server. For a more comprehensive list please visit the official PirateCraft Timeline.

This list serves as a rough 'main story' rather than actual timeline. As such dates are not included, and some events may have been optimized within the list to produce a more comprehensive story.

Events included must have had an impact on the majority of the server, and a lasting effect.

Dawn of Civilization

An era of small-scale settlement construction by free folk.

  • Humans, Elves, and a small population of other races populate the world
  • First settlements created, among which is Port Hope
  • Individual pirate groups begin to form and pillage new settlements
  • First Golden Age of Piracy stars
  • Majority of global population are pirates or common folk living in small settlements

Birth of Nations

An era of progress which separated pirates and free folk from emerging nations.

  • Many settlements turn into towns and later city states

· Kingdom of Cornola is created after ethnically Elven cities are united under Reptaria · More kingdoms are created, to combat growing numbers of pirates and hostile groups · Polynesian Empire is founded after several large cities unite · A few more empires are created but do not last long · Majority of global population now lives within a kingdom or empire for first time · Kingdom of Cornola expands and becomes the Elven Empire · Several empires now make fighting pirates their main goal, and the war on piracy starts · End of First Golden Age of Piracy

Rise of Empires

An era marked by the emergence of several empires and begin of large scale trading networks.

· Pirate groups become far less widespread, due to the war on piracy · Start of First Golden Age of Empires · Elven Empire conquers large areas of land and several cities are constructed, beginning their first golden age. · In the absence of pirates, new kingdoms and empires emerge · Imperial Empire is founded · Roman Empire is founded · Lancastrian Empire is founded · Individual pirate groups merge into larger factions · Kitty Pirates are created, soon replaced by the Raven Pirates. They are at the time the largest pirate group · The Hattawis Pirates stir up trouble in some empires, but are swiftly dealt with. · Pirates have largely been driven away from their lands, several strongholds remain, empires are quick to grab the new land · The 0utlaws are created after several pirate groups merge · Small group of pro-democratic Elves split off and create the moderately successful Luteus Republic · Polynesian Empire renames itself as the Verussian Empire · Red Lotus is founded after several pirate factions merge, essentially creating the first pirate kingdom · Verussian Empire declares war on the 0utlaws. War backfires and South Verussi is devastated by a month long siege. Peace treaty is signed giving the 0utlaws governing power over the Verussian Empire. · Some members of the Elven Empire start a revolt calling for democracy. It is unsuccessful and they split off, creating the British Empire as the second democratic nation. Elven golden age ends. · Red Lotus experiences friction with Elven Empire over territory. Ends with a diplomatic marriage between Queen Reptaria of the elves and King Karim of Red Lotus. · Imperial Empire is renamed the Iborian Empire · British Empire starts construction of many colonies, making it the second largest empire by population and land area. · Free land has become very scarce and empires start waging wars over land · End of first Golden Age of Empires

Renaissance Era

An era of policy changes by large empires, resulting in growth and development, and creation of new emerging empires.

· Elven Empire declares war on the newly founded British Empire. Elves lose control over central ocean as many of its ports are swiftly captured by the superior British Navy. British Empire wins, peace treaty is signed. · Verussian Empire revolts against the 0utlaw leaders, and regains independence. · British Empire replaces Elven Empire as most populous empire. The two empires control 60% of the globe, and have the largest navies and armies respectfully. · A recently founded colony of the British Empire gains semi-independence. It unites nearby colonies and is branded the 13 Colonies. · Entarian Alliance is founded · Ottoman Empire is founded · British, Elven, Verussian, and Iborian Empire meet at the Evermoor Conference to discuss the growing threat of the 0utlaws to world peace. An alliance conned 'The Allied' is created. · The Ottoman Empire hosts the annual Elven Ball on behalf of the Elves. It is gatecrashed by the 0utlaws, turning it into a massacre. · The Allied jointly declare war on the 0utlaws, starting the 0utlaws Wars. The Allied are victorious, the 0utlaws disband. · Ottoman Empire and 13 Colonies join The Allied, but the former falls into disarray and leaves. · Xenon Empire is created to replace the Ottoman Empire · Elven stronghold, Vivenheim, is ransacked by Red Lotus, ending the diplomatic marriage between Red Lotus and the Elven Empire. Vivenheim is abandoned and annexed by the Verussian Empire, along with all nearby Elven lands. · Verussian Empire gain control of most of the continent Vivenheim was located on, with exception of the enclave controlled by the smaller Xenon Empire. Territorial disputes arise between the two. · Red Lotus leader, KingKarim, is assassinated, causing the pirate faction to fall apart and disband. · Pirate groups are very scarce, with The Allied now controlling 80-90% of the global population, and running the economy.

First Verussian War

An era of increasing tensions between many empires, resulting in large scale conflict. Main article: First Verussian War

· Verussian Empire is kicked out of The Allied over political disputes with its members, and increasing hostility over other nations. · Verussian Empire threaten to invade the Xenon Empire over the remaining land on the continent. Xenon Empire appeals to The Allied for support. · Xenon Empire and Luteus Republic join The Allied · The Allied declare war on the Verussian Empire. Start of First Verussian War. War concludes with the Siege of Vivenheim, resulting in The Allied victory. Verussian Empire loses 40% of its pre-war land to the Xenon Empire in reparations. · The Allied are renamed the League of Nations, and make global peace and stability their main goal. · The Federated Nations Alliance (FNA) is founded by the Entarian Alliance, New Roman Republic, and Verussian Empire to rival the League of Nations, and also make global peace their main goal. · League of Nations control roughly 60% of the globe, the FNA 25%, remaining kingdoms 10%, and pirate groups 5%.

Inter-war Period

An era of temporary peace and emergence of new superpowers, and pirate crews, resulting in an arms race. Main article: Cold War

· A surge of new pirate groups are created including Creed and Delta · Xenon Empire and 13 Colonies join the FNA, now being members of both alliances. · Tensions rise between the League of Nations and FNA over spying accusations. · Several pirate groups are once again united into a single large faction known as Crusaders of the Void. · Plans are leaked by League of Nations spies concerning the construction of a Super Weapon by the Entarian Alliance, supported by the FNA · 13 Colonies and later Xenon Empire are removed from FNA over spying accusations. The League of Nations start developing their own Super Weapons. Start of the Cold War and subsequent arms race between the two superpowers to arm themselves with Super Weapons. · Crusaders of the Void start a series of small attacks against the League of Nations and FNA, although little is done in return. · Entarian Alliance, designers of the Super Weapon, are removed from FNA over conflicting policies · Xenon Empire finishes their Super Weapon- The Xenon Tower. Entarian proposal is scrapped, as are all remaining League of Nations designs.

Second Verussian War

An era of war resulting from increased tensions between the leading two superpowers. Main article: Second Verussian War

· A breakdown of diplomacy between British and Verussian officials results in declaration of war by the British Empire. · Remaining members of League of Nations, with exception of the Iborian Empire (immediately), declare war on Verussian Empire and FNA a day later. Start of Second Verussian War. Elven Empire pulls out early, New Roman Republic surrenders peacefully, and Verussian Empire surrenders after their capital is bombarded at the Battle of Pallivadia. · Verussian Empire is reorganized into the Verussian Republic according to peace terms. Large portions of land are surrendered to the Xenon Empire as reparations. · Crusaders of the Void start larger attacks upon League of Nations members. · FNA start diplomatic ties with League of Nations again to combat new pirate threats · League of Nations declare war on Crusaders of the Void. League of Nations are victorious although weakened, Crusaders of the Void split into several smaller groups and go into hiding.

Progressive Era

An era marked by a period of sustained peace between empires, and the resurgence of pirates.

· The Fruit Kings are founded as a hybrid pirate-kingdom crew · Smaller pirate groups are largely unsuccessful in causing damage upon any Empires. · The Asylum is created from the ruins of Crusaders of the Void · Elven Empire starts falling into disarray due to leadership issues · British Empire is now the dominant member of the League of Nations, while the Elven Empire recovers. Remaining members experience a sharp slow down in growth. · The Eternal Kingdom of Hydra is created and starts attacking League of Nations and The Asylum members · The Templars is created after several crews merge as a more peaceful alternative to The Asylum · The Asylum hold off attacking League of Nations members as they declare war against the Juice Kings. The war is among the longest lasting in history.

Isolation Era

An era of decreasing cooperation between empires, and increase in wars.

· After a long period of peace, tension is started between The Templars and the British Empire · After open hostility is displayed by the Templars, the British Empire declares war and appeals to the League of Nations for aid · The League of Nations are in turmoil as some of its members refuse to declare war, notably the Xenon and Iborian Empires. Remaining members only provide partial aid toward the war. The British accuse the Xenon Empire of treason, and several remaining members are charged with desertion. · The Templar War ends in stalemate, and a peace treaty is signed after several high ranking Templar officials leave the group. · The British Empire and 13 Colonies have an internal referendum on their membership of the League of Nations after they felt they were let down by weak empires. · The Xanthian Order is founded as a result of a merger between the Xenon Empire and Templars. The waning Iborian Empire and Luteus Republic also join, creating the second largest empire within the League of Nations, after the British Empire. · BExit - The British Empire and 13 Colonies referendum result comes back in favour of leaving the League of Nations. This leaves only the Xanthian Order and Elven Empire in the League of Nations. · The British Empire found the Commonwealth of Nations - a successor to the League of Nations with a strict charter and a more dominant role for the British Empire. · The Asylum unofficially declare war on the Commonwealth of Nations

Fall of Empires

An era marked by the transfer of power from crumbling empires to emerging pirate and free-folk crews.

· General decrease in number of empires, and increase in number of pirate crews. Many new crews blur the lines between the two offering a hybrid version. · The Seagulls is founded · Horsia is founded · Dealers Deck is founded · Aeos island, owned by The Asylum, becomes the dominant financial centre of trade globally. It is controlled by The Asylum and greatly increases their fortune. · After several unsuccessful marriages, the Elven Queen enters a diplomatic marriage with the leader of The Xanthian Order, resulting in the merging of the two empires, and the creation of the second largest empire globally. · The Templars regroup and split off from the Xanthian Order over policy disputes · The Xanthian Order join the Commonwealth of Nations, marking the official end of the League of Nations.

Age of Piracy

An era of large-scale conflicts between pirate crews, and the lesser importance of empires in global affairs.

· Piratequest is founded · A short war between Dealers Deck, The Seagulls, and The Asylum establishes the latter as the dominant pirate crew. The two former crews largely merge with The Asylum. · Piratequest declare war on the British Empire. War ends briefly after a ceasefire is negotiated, but reignites soon after. · The British Empire declares war on The Asylum after a multitude of attacks. Horsia are recruited by the British to attack The Asylum and also declare war. · The Elven Empire split off from the Xanthian Order as to once again create an ethnically Elven kingdom · The British appeal to the Commonwealth of Nations to declare war on The Asylum. This is largely unsuccessful, resulting in the expulsion of The Xanthian Order over breaking the charter. · A group of The Asylum officials disagree over war policies, split off and create The Coalition as a more aggressive pirate group. A few smaller groups are also created in the process. They remain allied and fight alongside each other. · Several skilled mercenaries are hired by the British Empire in order to join the war. They eventually become high ranking military officials within the empire. · The war against The Asylum comes to a stalemate and starts to fade out after the indecisive Battle of London. Horsia become the dominant pirate group for a while before being replaced by The Coalition. · The British Empire adopts a more hostile foreign policy of buying or annexing towns and cities. The attempted colonization of the Parrot Lovers, a small peaceful crew, is received poorly by the Commonwealth of Nations, and several nations threaten to leave. The policy is never fully adopted. · Several lasting conflicts between pirate crews begin, resulting in a period of sustained skirmishes and raiding. · The war on The Asylum largely ends when British military officials leave over conflicting policies. Remaining members order a ceasefire. Skirmishes still occur. · Pirate crews or hybrid factions now largely control global politics as the British Empire starts to crumble and fall second in line in terms of power. · The Commonwealth of Nations is mostly disbanded, leaving only the weakened British Empire, 13 Colonies, and a fragile Elven Empire · The Xanthian Order is disbanded after the remaining kingdoms agree to go their separate ways. · The New Roman Republic revives the Federated Nations Alliance to combat the threat posed by The Asylum . Many long-term, influential players of empires become absent. E.g. Icanra, Palmerageddon (breaks laptop again)

Forsaken Era

An era of intense conflict between most major pirate crews, and the dissolution and lack of empires.

· Forsaken is founded · The Asylum war against The Juice Kings largely ends. The Asylum is victorious after the Juice Kings refuse to fight. Small skirmishes still occur. · The Elven Empire officially ends and is split into several kingdoms after its queen dies with no clear successor · The weakened British Empire experience a period of sustained attacks by pirates. · Forsaken declare war on The Asylum over strong disagreements. The Coalition later join the side of Forsaken, also over disagreements. The war concludes with a ceasefire. Coalition re-allies The Asylum. · The Asylum changes its policy to a less aggressive group, and becomes a hybrid faction. · Second Golden Age of Piracy ends with Forsaken disbanding

Second Renaissance Era

An era of reconstruction and reform for empires, marked by a period of large-scale peace, resurgence of empires, and fall in number of pirates.

· General increase in number of empires and kingdoms after renewed peace and excess land. · Byzantium Empire is founded · Lancastrian, Verussian, Roman, and various other empires begin to grow in size · Elven Empire is founded once more after a new monarch is found. Several old cities are restored. · The Coalition and several other pirate crews enter a period of hibernation, and reduced activity. · A few pirate groups start appearing, however these are largely taken care of by newer empires and kingdoms.

Industrial Revolution

An Era of new inventions and technology.

· During a ship battle, F5tar's new plane designs destroy all other contestants. · The British Empire orders 5 of F5tar's planes. · The Battle of the Southern canal breaks out, most of the ships that engaged were sunk, most notably the Ghost ship of the Southern Ocean canal. The other ships are either captured by Cappur (such as Isen's Revenge) or escape (such as BE's, HMS Hero).