Ghost ship of the Southern Ocean canal

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The ghost ship was a ship spotted in the Southern Ocean. It opened fire on HMS Adventure when it was passing through the canal. When boarded by Petalface and his Royal Marines, there was no crew, no one to pilot the ship. The Adventure opened fire on the ghost ship, and destroyed a large part of the sails. The crew saw armour onboard the ship, before it disappeared. The Ghost ship then appeared again, before vanishing. A vanilla boat was then seen moving away from the canal, it then disappeared. Suddenly, ahead lay the motionless ghost ship.

Immediately, First Officer Guineapigplays led Royal Marines on board the ship; they found nothing. They returned to the Adventure, and ordered Petalface to open fire on the vessel. The ghost ship was destroyed and sunk, after several ships from across the server opened fire along with HMS Adventure.

Shortly after the firing had stopped, Cappur approached from the rear and opened fire on the fleet. Several ships were sunk and HMS Adventure was badly damaged.