The Second Verussian War

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The Second Verussian War was caused by a variety of different reasons, the Verussians had been kicked out of The Allied by this point but had also become increasingly hostile, the Verussian Leader King_RS at the time of the war had recently created an Alliance with a couple of other crews; the alliance known as the Federation Of Nations. None of these other crews were in The Allied (League of Nations), and a slight rivalry had started between the two alliances. The Verussian Empire had repaired most of the damage caused by the previous war, and the Xenon Empire had greatly increased in numbers and power. The time between the two Verussian Wars is known as the Cold War.

LoN spies

Both alliances were very established, and as stated before, had become rivals. Each side had plans for buildings, towers and expansion. The FNA was fairly independent and paid little attention to the outside skirmishes. Though either side wanted information from the other side in the sea of speculation. NickyB of the 13 Colonies successfully joined the FNA a month prior to war to gather information. Although, the FNA thought of this as a try to heal relations.

Screenshots of a FNA members plans for a 'Super Weapon' planned by the EA reached the LoN, and set them into high alert. The 'weapon' was a defence system designed to protect themselves in case of chaotic events (known commonly as the Entarian Orbital Bombardment System). The Elven Empire in response designed a new 'Bio-Weapon' and they had immediately started construction of it (Elven Bio-Weapon. This 'Bio-Weapon' consisted of several hidden cannons in a major Elven city. Maximus_Terragon had plans to join the FNA in hopes of improving relationships with the VE, and successfully joined it.

However, the FNA discovered and kicked the suspected spies that had connections to the other alliance. With this, all spies had been kicked; no information leaked out, but little came in.

Increasing Tension

Ether side blamed each other for starting the 'spy situation', although it was revealed later that only the LoN actively participated and encouraged in it. As tensions increased and war became more and more likely, several crews from each side drew up plans for Super Weapons as a deterrent. These 'super weapons' took many different forms, most commonly in the form of bombardment towers. Many of the plans that were drawn up were very ambitious, and were subsequently leaked to each side. This encouraged newer plans to be drawn up with even more ambitious weapons; either side trying to best the other.

4 main super weapons were suggested, these being large bombardment towers by the Entarian Alliance and Xenon Empire, a bioweapon by the Elven Empire, and a ship with over 200 cannons by the British Empire. Of these 4 designs, the British and Elven designs never left the planning stage, the Entarian design was started but eventually scrapped, and the Xenon was fully built as the Xenon Tower.

A few days prior to war, the EA was kicked out of the FNA as they 'did not stick to FNA ideals' due to their rumored invasion plans, and their construction and planned use of their super weapon. This came as a shock to the LoN.

With a powerful nation kicked out of the FNA this left only the VE and old SPQR as frontrunners in the confrontations. The VE took centre stage in terms of diplomacy on behalf of the FNA. After a series of strongly worded letters from British and Verussian officials, war became imminent and each side started gathering troops and resources. The XE had started construction of the Xenon Tower in the sea separating the Xenon Empire from the Verussian Empire. It was roughly 7 65% complete when war eventually broke out, but was hastily made combat ready in order to serve as bombardment support for the eventual invasion of Verussian cities.


The BE were the driving force behind the planned invasion. After King_RS had insulted CrazyPirate1, Crazy was eager to get his revenge. The BE terms were simple; for King_RS to step down as leader. 13 Colonies backed them. The XE wanted revenge for the treatment they received after the VE had moved to their country, and even threatened with an invasion back in September. They did not support overthrowing the VE government, but wished to gain land and push back VE expansion plans.

An official war declaration by the BE on the VE started the war, followed by the 13 Colonies and then the XE. The XE and 13 Colonies began to bombard the VE capital, with little resistance in their sky-block high tower.

The next day, an attack was held on a private Verussian Base, 'The Holodeck'. This was subsequently besieged, and raided. The wither forming a monument and machine, was killed by steentje321 from the XE, and the beacon now stands on the new VE XE border.


After days of bombardment, the VE capital was surrounded with excessive grief, and the surrounding area was near enough littered with holes. The VE eventually surrendered to BE 6 days after the war had started, and a day later to the XE after Emperor Maximus_Terragon had killed King_RS.

The VE agreed to make King_RS resign and Wilson_Manzer took over as head of VE. Although, the government had previously changed meeting the terms set in place by BE. Though the following events listed continued. XE received a small amount of land that the VE had not touched, and they established a "neutral zone" on the border, where neither empire would agree to build, to avoid the fear of the continent becoming overcrowded.

The land around the VE capital was regenerated, and the Verussian Empire (now republic) was repaired.


VE relations improved slightly with the LoN. VE and XE had new borders, and damage was repaired. The peace that followed allowed for the development of bother the VE capital as well as the XE capital.

It is considered a victory by the LoN, despite the controversy, and showed the power of the LoN, with little EE input.

Further implications led to the VE becoming less prosperous on the XE dominated continent. This led to them leaving the continent entirely to search for new lands in the East, where a new Verussia is taking shape.