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Cappur, also known as CaptainCracken, CaptainCrackerz, or simply "Cap", is an elite veteran player of PirateCraft. He started playing around January 2015, and is still active on the server.

Cappur has been involved in almost every major war since he joined.

Crew History as of 8/27/2018

  • Cappur started off in the British Empire and stayed there till the formation of TAS. The highest rank he reached in the BE's ranks was Vice Prime Minister.
  • The Asylum was the second crew Cappur joined. He stayed there for a while.
  • When Phantom came around, Cappur joined the crew until it disbanded.
  • He then went back the The Asylum.
  • Cappur was one of the founders of The Coalition and has been in the crew ever since it's formation.
  • He left CLTN to found Ares.