The First Verussian War

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--There have been two such Verussian Wars, this page covers the first war & the second can be found here; The 2nd Verussian War--

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Verussian War took place after the Verussians (Verussian Empire) created lots of friction in The Allied chat, the lead up to the conflict included; Lithvather being expelled from the Elven Empire after having a row with the Verussian Empire which 'strengthened bonds with the Elves' as Reptaria described, the Verussians also began to set up a 'country' of their own known as Verussia, they got annoyed with the nearby crew called the Xenon Empire who had felt threatened by the Verussians as some of their people had traveled across stated borders, they then had taken to forums to complain to the wider public, this created an argument which in the end led to a stronger agreement that the borders were to be enforced in both crews, this would mean that a breach could start a war.

The Verussians then recuited Mr_E or Elexandre, Elex had been a pain to many of the other nations with him being the first on their KOS list if it was written down.

Yet the Verussians held firm & declared the reason they let him join was because he had set up a base nearby & that him joining them would expel any doubt they had for him, yet they still won no support of empathy from the accusers; British Empire & Elven Empire with the Elves showing the most distress.

This then also began to ruffle feathers with the "Big 2", making the atmosphere tense & a possible declaration of war being made.

The Verussians didn't do a lot to stop this, infact the opposite with one of their 'co-leaders' leaking out into public, messing up a /msg command, telling the server they were planning to cause an uprising & revolt in the British & Elven crews.

This was reported quickly to The Allied chat, after a heated row in the chat, the Verussians were kicked out & war was quickly declared by the majority of the group apart from the Iborian Empire who held firm the entire time giving sympathy & empathy to the Verussians & declaring they would make no attacks & would keep their ally ship with the Verussian Empire, this was due to a strong healthy friendship before the war.

The view the Iborian Empire had of the Verussian Empire changed a while after the War, this probably didn't help due to the lessen interaction between the two crews, and how the Verussians continued to cause problems up to the Second Verussian War.

Members Who Played A Part In The War[edit | edit source]

-Elven Empire -(declared war)

-British Empire -(followed the Elves along side to declare war)

-13 Colonies -(didn't do a lot but expressed a lot of involvement (to my knowledge) but followed the "Big 2")

-Ottoman Empire -(didn't do much at all, but Lego talked now & then in the chat which was cool, also followed the "Big 2")

-Xenon Empire

Members Who Did Not Play A Part In The War[edit | edit source]

-Iborian Empire

-Luteus Republic