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Definition : A mechanized or structural weapon of 'extreme power'.

A super weapon can be classified as a weapon that has the capability of; mass destruction and genocide, it is also more of a mechanism or structure rather than a hand-held weapon (such as a sword or bow).

Not all super weapons however are even known of, which can be a frightening realization, however, they are usually either extremely faulty, rarely work in practice, or are very inefficient.

Class System

Destruction Genocide Theorized
Destruction B A D
Genocide A C D
Theorized D D D

The Classification System is subject to change, whether if new weapons are created in game, or other weapons (such as ships*, which as of right now are not) could be classed a 'Super Weapon'.

*note, certain ships are now categorized as 'a Super Weapon', however, this does not fit in well in the classification as it's own definition, so it would be instead be defined for it's own purpose, be that ship to ship combat or destroying defences (which would suffice as destruction), or killing sailors/pirates or troops on land (which would suffice as genocide). They also have to be of an impressive 'demeanor', that being (Indiaman) size and a sufficiently large armament, they should also be able to operate with a relative ease in this case. Historical proposes are included from before the date of 15/01/2018 Palmerageddon, and any future ships must be constructed and have the required 'demeanor' of a Super Weapon classed ship.

Guidelines for Super Weapons post-Second Verussian War

The Class System was originally formulated to help organise the Super Weapons which came into fruition or plan in the run up, or during the 2nd Verussian War, into appropriate categories for their level of development and purpose. However it must be stressed that the classification of Super Weapons after said conflict has become stricter and the new guidelines have been laid out as follows:

  1. Class D Classifications - Class D was produced to separate the "wheat from the chaff", or the weapons which were and which were planned to be produced. The classification was brought about to provide more for the historical aspect of the conflict, and show how each party involved went about the problem. This is why that no new Class D Super Weapons can be classed in the list of weapons.
  2. Offensive Requirement - The weapon must not have a defensive purpose, and must be able to cause damage (genocide/destruction) to another party, hence the Operational Requirement.
  3. Operational Requirement - The weapon must work effectively in an efficient process e.g. via the click of a button or a series of clicks. It should require the least amount of effort and/or complexity to work, however this changes in dependence of how it works or is positioned (ship mounted weapons moved into position).

Guidelines are subject to change

List of described 'Super Weapons'

Lists of Empire Super Weapons

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