The Xanthian Order

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Grand Master: Maximus_Terragon
Grand Master: Chailey
Master of Diplomacy: Icanra
Master of Engineering: Palmerageddon
Master of Arms: Thymen
Founded: Early October 2016
Dissolved: Late Summer 2017
Structure: Order
Character: Neutral
Allies: British Empire, Elven Republic, Templars, XD
Peace Treaties: Verussian Empire


The Xanthian Order is a relatively new crew formed in October 2016 from the much older Iborian Empire, Luteus Republic, Xenon Empire, and initially Templar. The crew is made up of the three kingdoms that are apart of it; Iboria, Luteus, and Xenon, each with their own leader. It fell apart in 2017, with the Xenon Empire splitting off again and renaming itself Xenia - the spiritual successor to the Xan thian Order.

For naval history, see Xenian Navy.


The kingdoms

The Iborian Empire
The Iborian Empire was a crew created by Palmerageddon back in May-June 2015. It grew quickly and became a member of the League of Nations in July 2015. It had a policy of non intervention, and avoided conflict frequently by means of diplomacy. It boasted highly efficient designs and impressive engineering. By October 2016, it had over 50 members, of which only 5 were active.
The Luteus Republic
The Luteus Republic was a crew created by Icanra in January 2015. It is regarded as the first republic of the server, and featured an active senate. It was a member of the LoN since November 2015, and valued close relations with many other crews. It had around 30 members, and accumulated many ruined towns and cities which were fixed up and repurposed. By October 2016, it only had 3 active members.
The Xenon Empire
The Xenon Empire was created by Maximus_Terragon in August 2015. It was formed from the remains of the Ottoman Empire, and features one of the largest ports in the server as its capital. It became a member of the LoN in August 2015, after it became involved in conflict with the Verussian Empire, and both subsequent wars. It grew quickly in the aftermath to around 50 members. By October 2016 it only had 5 active members.
The Templars was a small crew created by Chailey, Lithvather, and Creepermorderen in March 2016. Despite their small size, they considered themselves a family of sorts. They quickly gained reputation as a strong crew, and fought for the better of the server. In July 2016, after a series of disagreements, they declared war on the British Empire, harming their reputation.


The Xenon Empire had become an inactive mess, and had been regarded by British Empire as a "useless ally". Tired of it, Maximus_Terragon (who had created close ties to Templar following the war), met with Chailey to discuss a possible merging of Templar and the Xenon Empire.

After a week of discussion, the foundations for a new crew had been created, as well as a name; TXO. They would follow the same ranking system as Templar, but with a mixture of XE and Templar policies. Friday evening on October 25th, Chailey disbanded Templars, and created The Xanthian Order. Soon after Maximus_Terragon disbanded the Xenon Empire. This came to a surprise to many in chat at that time.

Over the next 12 hours, the remaining active Templar members and XE members joined, to bring the crew to 8 members. In the night of Friday to Saturday, Maximus contacted both Palmerageddon and Icanra if they had interest in joining. Reluctantly at first, both agreed to merge being promised high leading ranks, more active members, and being in charge of the members of their crews, creating a simple diplomatic system.

Icanra disbanded the Luteus Republic on Sunday, while Palmerageddon disbanded the Iborian Empire on Monday to complete the list of leaders and merged crews. Thereafter, the crew grew rapidly to over 30 members within a week. Making it at the time the most active crew.

The Templar situation

The members who joined TXO from Templar, were not used to a large active crew. Their element of a 'small family crew' had not been passed onto TXO, which was looking to become the next EE in terms of size. Bit by bit, the Templar members left, leaving only Chailey as the last remaining Templar member, grand master of TXO.

After a while, he too left to re-create the new Templars, with his old crew mates, Lithvather and Creepermorderen.

TXO is currently 4 months old, and has well over 12 active members, excluding those with exams this year. In mid December, TXO was invited into the growing Commonwealth of Nations. By this time, TXO and the Elven Republic were the only remaining League of Nations members. As they were both in the new CoN, the LoN was closed.


In January 2017, Palmerageddon's Java died, to which meant much of the Iborian people, such as Plant___ were left without guidance for sometime, which, in the late Spring of 2017, left the crew and set up her own crew known as PLANT. It was also about this time that Icanra's activity began to slowly disappear, due to limited success of setting up settlements far away from where the main concentration of the Order was, as well as examinations coming up.

The gradual waning of the Order was due to numerous reasons, the crew being more widespread around the map rather than localized in contribution to the goal to set up an Xanathian Continent effected this. The absence of leaders also meant members who were active had no one to lead them or aid them as such, it was also at the time that Maximus_Terragon and Chailey had more pressing matters or other jobs needing to be done around the map.

The spread out members, absence of leadership and all round gradual decay of the Order led it to stagnation and its gradual abandonment as Icanra left the server and Maximus_Terragon and Chailey pursued their own projects and created crews focused on one such locations.

By no means was the Order doomed from the start, but rather a task of which, that due to the nature of the server and events, that it limited its success.


The TXO is ruled as a semi-democratic monarchy.

The Supreme Master

  • Maximus_Terragon is currently the Supreme Master of TXO. He has the final say on any matter. However, he must abide by the votes from the remaining 3 Masters, and respect the decisions from the crew as a whole. He is responsible for maintaining the crew as a whole, and representing the crew. He is the main representative for TXO globally, and in the Commonwealth of Nations (CoN).


Each master has one vote, when a matter is put forth. A majority vote will win.

Master of Engineering
  • Palmerageddon is currently the Master of Engineering in the TXO. He is responsible for anything to do with new ship, building, town, and transport designs. Being the King of the Iborian people, he is also responsible for all matters concerning old and new Iborian members. He is second in command for TXO, along with all other Masters when the Supreme Master is away. He is the right-hand man of Maximus_Terragon in the CoN.
Master of Arms
  • Thymen is currently the Master of Arms in The Xanthian Order. He is responsible for anything concerning the army and navy, as well as forts, castles, ships, and tanks. Being the King of the Xenon people, he is also responsible for all old and new Xenon members. He is responsible for planning possible attacks, and defences.

His rank is above that of General and Admiral.

Master of Diplomacy
  • Icanra is currently the Master of Diplomacy in The Xanthian Order. He is responsible for maintaining foreign relations, finding and making new alliances, and representing TXO when the Supreme Master is away, as well as making public broadcasting. Being the King of the Lutean People, he is also responsible for all old and new Luteus members.

Other ranks of high authority

Each of these ranks are not allowed to vote, but their opinion must be respected by the corresponding master (such as the Master of Arms for the General and Admiral). Due to limitations of ranks in the crew plugin, these people are granted regular member status despite their authority.

  • PiWish and Plantpotgirl are currently the Generals of TXO. They are in charge of the army. They are represented by the Master of Arms, Thymen.
  • Hewwy is currently the admiral of TXO. They are responsible for the navy and any new warships. They are represented by the Master of Arms, Thymen.
Chief of Economics
  • Lord_Akley_VII is currently the chief of Economics for TXO. He is responsible for imports and exports of the crew, as well as trade. He is represented by the Master of Diplomacy, Icanra.

Other important ranks

Each of these ranks are not allowed to vote, but their opinion must be respected by the corresponding person of leadership (such as the general for the officer snd colonel). Due to limitations of ranks in the crew plugin, these people are granted regular member status despite their authority.

Colonel and Officers
Lieutenants and midshipmen
  • Steentje321 is currently the lieutenant of TXO. He is in charge of building new ships, and maintaining the fleet. He is represented by the admiral, Hewwy.
  • There are currently no midshipmen in TXO.
Lords and Barons
  • Lareana is currently the Lady of Forestlake in TXO. She is responsible for any members living in her land. She is represented directly by Palmerageddon, as she is an old Iborian member.
  • reinhart1030 is currently a baron in TXO. He is represented by Thymen, as he is an old Xenon member.

Foreign affairs

TXO is considered a neutral crew, avoiding confrontations but having an army to attack if need be.

TXO was a member of the LoN, and each of the merger crews (IE, LR, and XE) were long term members of the LoN and The Allied. It is currently a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, with Maximus_Terragon and Palmerageddon being the main representatives there.

Current allies

Current peace treaties

Cities, towns and settlements

TXO, is made up of 3-4 main sections of land (reminiscent of the previous crews). It has 3 capital cities, one for each kingdom. These are: New Faythe (Iboria) Isle of Luteus (Luteus) Port of Xenia (Xenon)

New towns and cities are being constructed to accommodate the growing number of members. Other towns, cities and forts include:

Other structures and buildins include:

More information

For public broadcasts, general updates, or alliance/peace treaty requests, please join our Embassy page on the forums under: Coming Soon!

Last updated December 2016