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The League of Nations
PC League of Nations Flag 06.02.2016.png
The Flag of the League of Nations
Leaders: Reptaria, Bislo1, NickyB_123, Maximus Terragon, Palmerageddon, Icanra
Founded: July 2015
Disbanded: September 2016
Structure: Democratic Confederation
Character: Defensive

The League of Nations[edit | edit source]

The League of Nations (LoN), informally known as the "Allied", was a social and military alliance of some of the biggest crews on PirateCraft. It was founded in spring 2015 during the great war against the 0utlaws.

Most of the self-declared "empires" on the server as well as crews with a nation theme found a place in LoN. Its aim was establish order amongst the great civilisations of Piratecraft and coordinate against pirate threats. Through cooperation, great threats such as 0utlaws or the first incarnation of Crusaders of the Void (CoV) were fended off or even toppled from their hegemonic positions.

The league also helped to prevent internal conflict, uprisings and animosity between the crews. Since the destruction of Evermoor, no great settlement was ever destroyed in war. Through the protection provided by their allies, the crews of LoN were free to pursue great feats of construction and engineering.

History[edit | edit source]

For over a year LoN remained the biggest and most powerful alliance on the server, rivalled only by the Federated Nations Alliance.

The 0utlaws War[edit | edit source]

Regarded by some today as the most vile hacker to ever sail PirateCraft seas, HardTimez earned a reputation as a particularly aggressive individual. He established a crew named 0utlaws and attacked other crews without warning. Often he would pick on underdeveloped players and leave behind griefed land. The main crews of PirateCraft soon had enough of HardTimez' antics - the British, Elves, Verussians, Iborians and Ottomans banded together to keep this threat at bay. After many intense weeks of conflict, HardTimez was banned by staff and peace returned to the server.

LoN decided to stay united in order to provide coordinated and active resistance against future threats. Despite this, the Verussian Empire was ousted from LoN at the end of spring 2015 after a plot aiming to undermine their allies was uncovered.

The CoV War[edit | edit source]

In autumn 2015 CoV became the most active PvP crew on the server, yet to begin with LoN did not have to deal with many acts of aggression. Smaller wars, such as the war on the Verussian continent or skirmishes against various smaller crews took priority.

In spring 2016, CoV began to swell further in size. PvPers of at least decent capability flocked to their ranks in order to make the most of the limited competition on the server. Raids were conducted against various LoN members. For a long time no action was taken against this aggression - the capabilities of CoV seemed overwhelming. In May 2016, the Elven leader, Reptaria, declared that he would be actively hunting CoV members in retaliation. Combined action was taken by Elven Empire, the British Empire and a new PvP crew called Solis with the rest of LoN soon to follow. The sheer number of players suddenly taking up arms against CoV proved no easy adversary, igniting discord within CoV's ranks. A rift developed between old and new crew members. Within a week, the seemingly impenetrable crew had broken up.

The Templar War[edit | edit source]

Following the fall of CoV, LoN no longer faced any serious competition on the server. Players from all crews waited tentatively to see which LoN crew would break rank to take CoV's crown as the leading PvP crew. This scenario didn't set in. Solis disbanded while LoN remained steadfast. New crews such as The Asylum or Templar rose from the ashes of CoV and Solis.

Templar maintained friendly relations with LoN and was considered an applicant member. This would ultimately prove LoN's undoing. In a surprise move, Templar declared war against BE. In response, BE called upon LoN for support in the war against Templar. Due to LoN's friendly relation with Templar, however, only EE and 13C provided assistance. The other LoN crews wanted to remain neutral.

Many citizens of BE were shocked that their allies were refusing to aid them after BE had provided aid in all past conflicts concerning their fellow LoN members. This lead to a general referendum in which it was proposed BE should leave LoN and pursue closer relations with more dependable crews. The referendum, known as BExit, passed with over three quarters of voters in favour. The resignation of the biggest crew in LoN lead to EE and 13C immediately following suit, leaving only the Xanthian Empire, Luteus Republic and Iborian Empire. These three mini crews decided to merge into one and become the Xanthian Order. Though EE ultimately changed its mind and decided to stay in LoN with TXO, the former great alliance slipped into inactivity.

In December 2016, the BE revealed the Commonwealth of Nations to the public. This union would server as a spiritual successor to LoN with more detailed guidelines to prevent internal conflict. All the old members of LoN as well as the reformed Templars agreed to enter this new alliance.

Charter of the the League of Nations[edit | edit source]

Charter of the Allied[edit | edit source]


In a time of war, the Empires of PirateCraft came together to forge a grand alliance. Its purpose: To prevent bloodshed on a global scale and to thwart the rise of new pirate warlords. This league of nations chose to name themselves "the Allied" and are active to this day.

The current Allied member states encompass:

The British Empire (left October 2nd, 2016)

The Iborian Empire (Disbanded September, 2016)

The Luteus Republic

The Thirteen Colonies (left October 2nd, 2016)

The Xenon Empire (Disbanded September, 2016)

Article I - Membership

  • To become a member of the Allied a nation must be unilaterally accepted by all Allied member states. Allied nations are encouraged to join the Allied forum group for the purpose of communication and coordination. The leaders of the Allied nations are granted admin status. All second in commands are granted mod status. No player who is not a member of the Allied will be allowed into the forum group.
  • Players that are on a KOS list of one or several of the Allied nations will not be permitted to join any Allied nation unless all Allied nations with the player on their KOS list unilaterally grant their permission. Players who have a dubious past or a history of conflict with Allied nations must be specially evaluated by all the Allied nations before they may join.
  • A nation may choose to leave the Allied any time they choose without fear of reprisal, under the condition that it has neither debts to repay nor committed any crimes against the Allied.
  • A nation may be expelled from the Allied if all the other member nations are in favour of expulsion. If multiple nations wish for each other to be expelled, they must refer to Article IV.

Article II - War

  • Allied nations shall under no circumstances declare war against each other. Committing a crime against an Allied player of a different nation shall be treated and dealt with as a crime committed against one's own nation.
  • Should an Allied nation get involved in a conflict with another nation, its fellows are encouraged but not obliged to assist the belligerent nation however they see fit.

Article III - Intelligence

  • The Allied nations are strongly encouraged to share any information that may be of importance to its fellows. No Allied nation will share vital information with any foreign nation nor will private information be made public without the unilateral agreement of all Allied nations.

Article IV - Conflicts and Justice

  • Any player that commits transgressions against the Allied shall be expelled from their respective crew and/or punished unless otherwise negotiated. Failure by an Allied nation to fulfill compensation agreements for damages committed against a fellow Allied nation may be counted as a violation of the Charter during the time where the damage is relevant.
  • An Allied nation may in principal only be expelled if all the member states are unilaterally in favour of expulsion. Exceptions may occur in the following situations:
  • An Allied nation that violates the Charter may be brought to justice. The appropriate punishment will be negotiated between the relevant parties. If a guilty nation refuses to comply, the protection of this Charter shall no longer apply to them and they may become a military target. They may also be expelled through a simple majority vote.
  • If Allied nations are at variance with each other, their conflicts must be aired on the forums. A nation that refuses to comply with this regulation may be expelled through a simple majority vote.
  • If multiple Allied nations wish to expel each other, a vote must be held to decide the member status of each involved nation. A simple majority is required to expel a nation in this case. The cantankerous nations shall only be expelled after all the votes have been evaluated.
  • An Allied nation may not be brought to trial for a crime committed that is no longer relevant or was solved at the time.

Article V - Amendments

Amendments may be made to the charter if all Allied nations vote unilaterally in favour.


The British Empire - michty

The Iborian Empire - Palmerageddon

The Luteus Republic - Icanra

The Thirteen Colonies - NickyB_123

Xenon Empire - Maximus_Terragon

Revised on 27th April 2016

Wars[edit | edit source]

The Hawatii War

The 0utlaw War

The First Verussian War

The Second Verussian War

The CoV War

The Templar War

Current LoN Members[edit | edit source]

Elven Empire

The Xanthian Order (LR, IE, XE and some TMPLRS)

Previous LoN Members[edit | edit source]

British Empire

Iborian Empire

Luna Empire

Luteus Republic

Ottoman Empire

Thirteen Colonies

Verussian Empire


Xenon Empire

Organisations[edit | edit source]

LoN-FNA Direct Comms

Links[edit | edit source]

Forum: http://piratemc.com/groups/the-allied/

Embassy: http://piratemc.com/groups/the-allied-open-public-area/