The Coalition

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The Coalition
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Founder & Specialist: The_Network
Founder & Specialist: KetohPie
Founder & Specialist: JoeDanger_
Founder & Major: Rivvur
Founder & Major: Cappur
Founded: July 30th, 2017
Structure: Aristocracy

Recent Info[edit | edit source]

The Coalition is now an inactive crew.

After the departure of Cappur and Rivvur from The Coalition, the crew has become inactive. CLTN is not disbanded, but the majority of members in the old crew have left to seek new adventures. Most members still in the crew today are extremely inactive.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Coalition is a pirate crew with a stronger focus on raiding rather than keeping peace. They are a pirate aristocracy only having a few select allies. CLTN is also a knit group of friends formed on PirateCraft, but they have since then ventured out to other games and have had fun playing together on those too. While the crew is no longer active, CLTN members and former leaders are still well-respected among the community.

The crew was thought to have had some of the richest players on the server, but a recent shenanigan points to money being cheated in. They used to own many popular shops at /warp shops, which no longer exist due to lack of interest. They have recently not been as active in the economy, but including item worth could still be considered among the richest crew's on the server.

The Crew Home[edit | edit source]

One of their main bases of operation is The Citadel - which was moved from its original location to one in the ocean. Together they own some of the largest ships on the server, most of them being kept at the Citadel. CLTN has one of the largest navies on the server.

Participated Wars[edit | edit source]

The Coalition has had a notable impact on the server's history, and has been involved in 2 major wars:

  • The Horsia Wars- CLTN was founded in the middle of the Horsia Wars, and took part in the last half of the fighting.
  • The Forsaken War- The Coalition was majorly involved in the Forsaken War. CLTN sided with Forsaken against The Asylum due to rising tensions between the crews.

History[edit | edit source]

In-Depth History[edit | edit source]

During a stalemate of the Horsia War, tensions in The Asylum started rising due to differing opinions on war policies, and the direction the crew was headed. Eventually, the now founders of CLTN decided they had enough and wanted to split off and form their own crew, The Coalition. When CLTN was formed, it was not meant to be a rival crew, the members just wanted freedom to rule the way they wanted, and it was not the way the leaders of TAS wanted. After the formation of CLTN with it's founders, Rivvur joined around 2 hours after the crew was founded along with Cappur. The Coalition and TAS continued to work together for the remainder of the Horsia Wars, but tensions rose quickly after the end of that war. After Jusaplayer1 (The Crew Forsaken) declared war on TAS, CLTN sided with Jusaplayer1 against TAS due to tensions. After the war and Jusaplayer1 quitting, things started to settle down again. Around 2 months later, the bonds between TAS and CLTN were re-established and were good allies again until TAS recruited players such as OmegaVenom1 who CLTN did not like, the rising tensions soon sparked a war. After some of the CLTN leaders were banned, the crew soon became inactive. The crew still exists, but is much more inactive after some of the founders left.