Polynesian Empire

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The Polynesian Empire was an old crew lead by KingRS. It disbanded in early 2015, and helped form the Verussian Empire.


Very few records exist from the Polynesian Empire due to its age. Most of this is guesswork, pieced together from other recorded events at the time.

The Polynesian Empire was started by an unknown leader, KingRS, and Zackbacon. Either way, KingRS managed to become leader of it at some point in late 2014. Throughout its lifespan, it controlled land mainly in the south of the Piratecraft world. Its capital was presumably South Verussi.

The Polynesian Empire fell in early 2015, and its members merged into the new Verussian Empire lead by KingRS and WilsonManzer. With the siege of South Verussi, whereby the city was sieged and looted, the last remaining Polynesian city was destroyed. It now stands as a ruin.


The Polynesian Empire was ruled by a monarch, presumably by KingRS