Crusaders of the Void

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Summary[edit | edit source]

A group made in the beginning for the fun of it, the Crusaders of the Void became one of the most feared, powerful groups on the server. Mostly PvP driven, members acted on their own will and raided together. CoV also had some amazing builders within their ranks, but their PvP skills were shown more than their builds. No rules held them in line, and they rained terror, from the wealthiest of donators, to the poorest of deckies, for a solid year or two. Unfortunately, the group was torn apart, and a Civil War broke out. Sadly, these contradicting opinions led to the final closure of the CoV. Although officially declared deceased, some members continue to raid under the name, CoV, but hardly live up to the pirate crew it once was.

Founders[edit | edit source]

Prominent Members[edit | edit source]

Notable Battles and Raids[edit | edit source]

Credit to the PirateCraft News

  • News Edition 2- CoV attacked an Elven base killing all inhabitants, including the Queen, Reptaria, herself. No loot was gained. koi0001 and JavaInvader then later that day went and attacked the USE HQ.
  • News Edition 4- Today Riverwood202's base was a battleground between the forces of CoV and Delta. It was a slow stakeout until Mandarin_Panda was killed by JavaInvader]] and koi0001. All unprotected areas of Riverwood202's base were raided but the casualty numbers were even on both sides.
  • News Edition 6- The Delta vs CoV war stalemate ended when at Dagersh's base VenturaTheWizard and SeconDeath decided to 1v1. After the fight went on for a while, four other CoV members joined in and ended the fight quickly.
  • News Edition 7- A Solis vs CoV battle broke out at VenturaTheWizard's tower. The fight included: Cysteen, dagersh, VenturaTheWizard, SeconDeath, juicebox182, PossessedCookie, and Zee_King_Bee. Both sides were fully stocked with potions, god armor, and gapples. Due to number disadvantage, juiceblox182 was killed during the fight and SeconDeath ran.
  • News Edition 17- SeconDeath's vault was raided by members of CoV, which was revealed later. Everything was taken.
  • News Edition 29- There was a fight in warp arena between dagersh, Chamberlain, Khaiethan, and Nitrogaming77. Iron god armor was used during the fight. After a while, Dagersh and Chamberlain were victorious, and killed anyone who came to the arena.
  • News Edition 32- CoV cleaned out the vaults of Dr_Dre and some members of EA.