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Isen banner.jpeg
King of Isengard: VladDracul
Lord of Cat Town: sgbyellow
Lord of Octain: NvaderRelic
Royal Advisor to the Crown: MABturquoise
Total Members: 33
Founded: October 31 2017
Allies: LE, YETI, KON, Tri, XD, US, TLC, PLANT, Cove, 777, TNE, PU, DRG, DO1, West, ASN, R505, Agent, PL, Lone, tx, DEK, Royal, EM, TFED, TRT, BE, RVN, Dawgs, PFO, BBM, VER, SNC, CULT, CAN, TIV
Rivals: Hydra, Kings

Isengard is a crew located next to warp north on the PirateCraft main world. Its most popular feature is the Isengard tower which is a tall stonebrick and obsidian tower stretching through the clouds and into the sky. Their leader is VladDracul, and lives on his throne within the tower. The tower is surrounded by a town, which is the capital city of the nation.

Allies of Isengard and the Role they play

Isengard has maintained its peace and trade through the use of connections to its many allies. These allies are called when Isen is in need of help. The ancient ideas of Isengard are to thrive in harmony and peace while coexisting with the other nations. True this cannot always be done, but that does not stop Isen from trying.

We forge these alliances to strengthen bonds between the crews and to have a better understanding of what happens outside of our own crew. It goes without saying that the value of these alliances and friendships is something we treasure most deeply.

History of the one who created Isengard

I have gone by many names and many crews for many years now. You may know me as VladDracul, CountMonteCristo, SergieYaroslav, FatherAnderson, and lastly Agentk17.

Throughout the years I have jumped from crew to crew searching for one to call home, but none seemed to be what I desired. I decided then to make my own crew. Yes you are probably wondering what was the first crew I ever created. Well even I do not know. There were many crews and they were grand. From the first crew to the last I enjoyed them all. Some of them you may even recognize such crews as TFN short for The Fire Nation a crew that I made and ruled over many years ago. Also there were crews that were not as great or as long but were fun non the less. TERS The Empire of the Rising Sun was one such crew along with The Iron Empire, Black Sun Syndacite, The Russian Federations, Japan, and many others. I finally made a crew that I liked and decided to stay with. You probably guessed it. Isengard, or Isen for short.

I wasn't sure this would work out, but then I stumbled into 2 wonderful players Mab and Sgb both amazing players and great friends. I hope to see more like them as they truly bring this crew to life and are always there for Isengard.

Okay enough about me and my crew lets talk about some stuff I have been just bursting to tell you. You will probably never guess that's why I will just let you all know ahead of time.

Isengard Embassies

Isengard will be officially opening embassies to its allies in the city of Octain. These claims are owned by VladDracul, but are up to you to decide what you wish to do with them. You may ask why I would personally own the claim and the answere for that is a little complex. I don't want players using embassies for the wrong purpose like getting closer to Isen ha ha cant be much closer than a warp ,but anyway like to keep the space. Also this allows for the Immediate removal of embassy privileges in case of betrayal. You may be asking what kind of Priviledges? Well lets just say that the first 1 or 2 crew leaders of that embassy for that crew will get exclusive trust to that claim and they will be able to give /access trust to anyone they deem fit or worthy of sanctuary. Also that embassy is top of the line built to withstand sieges and attacks. Not to mention fully stocked kitchens, Stables, Armories.

We hope to draw more allies and crews togeather using the embassies as ways to interact and enjoy each others company while not putting there own bases in danger. Like how Shops bring others togeather and allow players to freely roam without worry, yes there are the occasional random mobs and angry villagers who are yelling about you for squashing there cabbages, but hey other than that its a pretty nice place.


Dendrology? What the heck is that you are probably wondering. Well if you do not know Isengard loves trees not only because they are a good source for fuel or using as building material, but they make the scenery much nicer. You know you have reached Isengard when you see the lush trees and beautifully crafted scenery. On to the next question you are probably just waiting to ask. Why all oak trees? Very good observation why indeed? Well honestly um no clue I guess just one type looks good but mixing them all up is not so good in my opppinion. Take a look and tell me your own thoughts on it sometime I would be glad to hear.

Haters back off and if you chop em you plant em.


The Isengard road systems goes from the Main capital tower to the town of Octain and from there to the ocean. These roads allow for easy travel between the capital and its sister cities. These roads are a good days travel so having a horse makes it go faster.


Another wonderful means of transportation. It was mentioned earlier that all Isengard embassies will be also have horse stables. This is also to encourage the use of horses as transportation along with our roads to get you where you want to go. Yes they can eat your hair don't smell the best and tend to run off when not supervised, but other than that they are great steeds and loyal friends we hope you come to love them as much as we in Isengard do.