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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Xenon Empire or simply 'XE' is ruled by Emperor Maximus_Terragon. The Xenon Empire is based on the mainly green areas of the Verussian Empire's planned 'Verussia', a continent north east of the cove. Its navy evolved into the Xenian Navy.

This created conflict between the crews, but the safety of The Allied and it's other member the Verussian Empire being apart of it at the time, allowed it to narrowly miss war & found refugee from it's aggressor. The XE was forced to keep peace withe VE, as it had little power at the time.

The Xenon Empire, yet being about 8 months old at the time of this article, grew rapidly after the war, and saw the start of its first golden era. It gained many loyal members, including Lord_Alley_VII and Thymen with the rest of his Dutch counterparts. These two would later create forts of their own on XE land, and stand loyal to their Emperor.

It's territory increased as well afterwards, gaining new Ports, and discovering new shores to settle on. It's based around one main area & port; Port Terragon, the Capital of the Xenon Empire. It is more or less right in the centre of the XE owned territory, and was the first port established on the continent at the time, even overtaking Vivenheim after a few months in size.

Among the allied it is known for its detailed builds such as the Xenon Palace, and it's planned armada of ships.

It is currently a member of The Xanthian Order, with the original crew being disbanded and merging fully into the new Order.

Background History[edit | edit source]

The history of the XE is quite complex, and evolved around certain events occuring, to it finally being created.

Maximus_Terragon joined early May in 2015, starting as a rouge who wanted to own a 'small port' (that got out of hand). He chose territory that had little buildings on it, as he wanted to live in peace. Choosing to live crewless for several months, Port Terragon expanded slowly, and a lasting relationship was formed with the neighbouring town of Vivenheim, owned by Lord__Apples, whom he visited regularly. This ended up forming a healthy friendship with many elves.

After an incident with a deckhand harassing Maximus, [[Lego] offered to help sort things out. Lego, amazed at the port became friends with Maximus and they helped each other out. After briefly being part of Red Lotus, Lego created the Ottoman Empire which gained followers quickly and Maximus had become a senior member of it. Many of its members admired the build style, and long lasting friendships were made.

Port Terragon was announced to be the capital of the OE, but after a falling out with Lego, Maximus went a different way. He joined the Luteus Republic, as as an independent state, and never truly joined the crew itself, but staying close to Icanra for a long time. During this time King Karim had requested for Maximus to join Red Lotus again, but the offer was rejected.

In August, the OE fell, along with Red Lotus due to their leaders getting banned.

First Verussian War[edit | edit source]

Taking the next step, the Xenon Empire was finally formed, much less as an empire, and rather as a one man team, but then along came the next problem: the Verussian Empire. The seemingly quiet VE had suddenly felt the need to expand and create their own country 'Verussia'. This occurred on the continent where Maximus had first settled 5 months prior. Their plan was simple: to take control of the whole continent and make it VE, Maximus denied.

Arguments started, as Vivenheim had already fallen to VE, and Port Terragon was the next target, due to its size and prime location. One of the arguements made was that VE had been there first, a lie. Maximus appealed for help towards the rest of the server, but more importantly, The Allied. The issue was temporarily resolved as VE took 75% of the continent, and the XE would remain with a mere 25%.

After this, the XE saw a rize in members and power. The 25% land were just enough to house it's few members. However, quarrels started between VE and The Allied, and the First Verussian War started. The XE only supported troops, as it had no army at this stage. The allied won, and the XE gained a little more land.

After this the XE rapidly expanded, and it's first golden age started. Many people joined, and Maximus divided up land accordingly. Lord_Alley_VII joined and later became a Great Duke, Thymen and Steentje321 became Dukes, and their Dutch friends joined.

Second Verussian War[edit | edit source]

Stuff happened, and the XE was running out of room. Eager to join the debate whether to go to war, the XE put forth their reason: revenge on the VE of how they treated the XE, and the increased need for land.

Construction of the Xenon Fortress* started a week before war. A planned impenetrable fortress, capable of firing cluster bombs at the VE capital, from XE territory. The tower was functional in time, and was completed after the start of war, reaching a height of 256 metres, one of the tallest, or even the tallest fortress on the server. *Xenon Tower

After the British Empire managed to conquer Vivenheim within the first night of the war, and the 13 Colonies and XE managed to set up a temporary base next to Vivenheim. The XE supported with fire from the fortress, and managed to do tremendous damage to a VE ships and the surrounding area of the VE capital.

About 5 days later, VE surrendered to the BE and 13 Colonies before surrendering to the XE the day after, after Maximus_Terragon killed KingRS. New borders were agreed, giving the XE large amounts of land, so that the XE and VE finally had the same amount of land. A demilitarized zone was set up between the Empires which ruled that no one could build there. Each side was allowed to walk into each other's land, however trespassing of Ports would result in death.

The After-war period[edit | edit source]

Once both of the wars ended with victory for the Xenon Empire, rebuilding was necessary. Port Terragon was amended to any damage received, new crew members were recruited, and peace was made with the Verussian Empire.

During March 2016 to September 2016, very little occurred in the Xenon Empire. Several high ranking members of the crew left, leaving only Maximus_Terragon and Lord_Akley_VII to look after the crew from May onward. Activity dropped massively in the crew, with only a few people being on at a time. Despite this, extensive reconstruction occurred on Port Terragon from June through to August. In effect, it was renamed Port of Xenia and was then the largest port on the server.

The end of the Xenon Empire, and the start of The Xanthian Order[edit | edit source]

By September, the Xenon Empire had become an inactive crew. There were very few people online at any one time, and the right-hand man of Maximus_Terragon, Lord_Akley_VII, left the server for a long period of time, leaving only the Emperor to rule over his forgotten Empire.

During this time, the League of Nations experienced some major changes. One of the founding crews, the British Empire had started to become irritated of inactive crews not being of use in the LoN, especially crews such as the Xenon Empire, Iborian Empire, and Luteus Republic. The British Empire were involved in a war with the Templars crew during this period. The Luteus Republic and Iborian Empire remained neutral, whereas the Xenon Empire, being on very good terms with Templars, chose to partially side with Templars, angering the British.

In the aftermath of the war, the British Empire held a vote known as 'BExit' - the vote to leave the League of Nations. The vote passed and the British Empire left the League of Nations along with the 13 Colonies, leaving the Elven Empire, Luteus Republic, Iborian Empire and the Xenon Empire.

In October, the Maximus_Terragon was considering merging with another crew, as the Xenon Empire had better days. Discussions started with the [[Templars}} leader, Chailey, who's crew had lost its shine as well. Over the course of two weeks, a new crew were discussed as well as all that belongs to it; Structure, Foreign Policy, Military Policy, Ideology, etc etc. The negotiations ended successfully and the outline of a new crew, The Xanthian Order were formed.

The Xanthian Order was to follow a similar structure as Templars; having a group of leaders rather than a single monarch/dictator. Later that evening both Chailey and Maximus_Terragon disbanded their crews, Templars and Xenon Empire, and created the new crew The Xanthian Order (TXO). All remaining active members from each crew joined the newly formed crew, and recruitment started immediately.

On the next day, Maximus_Terragon seeked the leaders of the Iborian Empire, Palmerageddon, and the Luteus Republic, Icanra, to discuss the possibility of them merging into the new order. Those two crews had also suffered from the same inactivity that befell Templars and the Xenon Empire. That same evening, both agreed and they too disbanded their crews and merged all remaining active members into The Xanthian Order. All leaders of the crews that merged received a special 'Master' title along with the rank of leader, and the ability to vote on matters concerning the crew. On top of that, each leader was responsible for the members of their previous crews. As Maximus_Terragon made Thymen responsible for old XE members, and Chailey made Lithvather responsible for Templars members.

In the course of 3 weeks, the Xenon Empire, Luteus Republic, Templars, and the Iborian Empire, had disbanded and merged into one giant crew, with Chailey as a 'Grand Master', and Maximus_Terragon as the 'Supreme Master' (the top position). The crew numbers had exploded and many many people started joining TXO. After just 2 weeks of existence, the crew reached active 40 members, making it the most active crew at the time.

Current Situation[edit | edit source]

With the fall of the Elven Empire, and the disbanding of the Vikings, the only remaining crew in the LoN was The Xanthian Order. The Elven Empire reformed into a republic, and rejoined the League of Nations after only a few days.

The Xanthian Order itself is still reasonably active today, despite absences from both Chailey and Maximus_Terragon for long periods of time. A new recruitment program as well as a new 'crew creation programm' are being launched in December, which should hopefully increase member count as well as benefiting the League of Nations. New ranks are also being established for the leaders of The Xanthian Order, with Maximus_Terragon becoming King, and Chailey becoming Prince.

For more information, please visit the official wiki page for The Xanthian Order (coming soon)

Government[edit | edit source]

The XE is ruled as a monarchy. It has several ranks with different amounts of power. Due to limitations of the number of people currently in the XE, there are no positions such as head admiral or general, rather, dukes have joint responsibility over these.

Emperor - Maximus_Terragon (has the final decision) Grand Duke - Lord_Alley_VII (has more authority than a regular duke, and also second in command) Dukes - Thymen, Steentje321 Counts - Justluc, OCC_Psycho

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Xenon Empire is a member of The Allied, its a valued member, as being a critical point in The Verussian Wars.

It has strong ties to the late Elven Empire as Port Terragon's palace was used as the rendezvous of all Elven balls. Giving it a special meaning to those who went to them or celebrated the EE regime.

Allies[edit | edit source]

British Empire

Iborian Empire

Thirteen Colonies

Luna Empire

Luteus Republic

Elven Empire

Individual Allies[edit | edit source]

Koi0001 ? Emperor_Lew Catwinarrow