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The Cold War refers to the period of high tensions between the Federated Nations Alliance and League of Nations following the First Verussian War.

Aftermath of the First Verussian War

For a more detailed description of events, please see the Second Verussian War

The aftermath of the First Verussian War left much of the Verussian Empire in a state disarray and anger. Much of its land had been handed to the newly formed Xenon Empire, and relations with the victors were poor.

On the otherhand, it had strengthened ties within the League of Nations. The British Empire had established itself as the dominant military might in the group, the Xenon Empire had gained recognition as an official empire and gained huge amounts of land, and even the smaller crews such as the 13 Colonies had proven invaluable in the victory.

The Verussian Empire felt it necessary to find new allies, these being the old Holy Roman Empire, and the more recent Entarian Alliance. Along with a few more individuals, they formed the Federated Nations Alliance in hopes of creating a powerhouse similar to the League of Nations.

League of Nations spy incident

The end goal for both groups was lasting peace and prosperity for their members. This piqued the internet of several existing League of Nations members who also wished to join the security of the Federated Nations Alliance. These being the 13 Colonies, and Xenon Empire.

After a few leaders met and discussed future plans for their groups, some information was leaked to the other group. The two groups set to remove any possible spies from the alliances, by severing ties with several associated individuals who had found themselves in both groups. Those members that stayed in both groups had to sign an act of discretion, ensuring no further information would be leaked.

Unfortunately soon afterwards, word got to the League of Nations that the Entarian Alliance were conducting trials for a new 'Super Weapon'. The Federated Nations Alliance found out about this, and removed the 13 Colonies under suspicions of espionage. The Xenon Empire was allowed to remain, however under close observation.

The Entarian Alliance, having a focus on strong industry and science sector, conducted frequent trials for their new weapon, now known to be the Entarian Orbital Bombardment System. Schematics were drawn up for the structure, and suitable locations had been found. The news was shared among the Federated Nations Alliance, as a sign of progress and power of the group. The Xenon Empire officials, realising the urgency of the threat, reported their findings to the League of Nations in secret. The Xenon Empire continued to conduct espionage until it was caught by a Verussian official. Following this, the Xenon Empire was subsequently removed from the Federated Nations Alliance.

This caused an increase in tensions, bringing the alliances to the brink of war, each side accusing the other of espionage. Diplomacy between the two groups came to a standstill.

Arms Race

Following the discovery of Super Weapon plans, the League of Nations members discussed possible plans of their own. This eventually escalated into an arms race between the two factions.

League of Nations

The British Empire, lacking nearby land to construct a building, drew up plans to create a mobile fortress in the form of a ship. This ship would have over 100 cannons, and be heavily armoured. Due to lack of infrastructure and resources, the design never left the planning stage. A ship of that size also posed a significant economic loss if sunk, and it proved too ineffective for its estimated cost.

The Elven Empire came up with several plans. Their main plan consisted of reviving an ancient Elven 'bio weapon', that lay dormant under one of their cities. Its power could be focused and brought to bear on its enemies. However lack of infrastructure, and mostly evidence of such a thing existing led to its cancellation soon after. Another design was based on the leaked blueprints from the Entarian Alliance's bombardment system; a huge fort with a magnitude of cannons to act as artillery support. Such a structure had a theorized maximum range of 1500km-2000km (1500 - 2000 blocks), however in practice it proved to only be effective within ranges of less than 500km. The project was started, but cancelled at 70% completion, when its lack of sufficient range meant it no longer became a priority. It was completed as a commemorative castle instead. More info on the Super Weapon page

The Xenon Empire's approach too was a bombardment system, however in the form of a super-tall fortress -The Xenon Tower. This weapon would stand in the sea separating the Xenon and Verussian empires, and serve as both a deterrent and active bombardment system. Work started in January 2016, and it was completed in April 2016. At the outbreak of war, it was roughly 85-90% complete. 64 heavy cannons were loaded onto it, and it managed to reach a range of over 1000km, comfortably hitting the Verussian capital 300km away. It saw active service, but was decommissioned and eventually dismantled in early 2018. At the time of its completion it was the single tallest structure in the world.

The remaining members of the League of Nations who could not support such large projects chose to develop new troop ships, or battle tactics. The Iborian Empire developed a series of successful tanks and troop ships to be used in case of war, however these were not used in the end due to an unexpected early end to conflict.

Federated Nations Alliance

The development of similar super weapons had not gone unnoticed in the FNA, and they too stepped up their game.

The Entarian Alliance started construction of their Entarian Orbital Bombardment System, with a theorized maximum range of 2000km, putting the Xenon Empire capital, Verussian capital, and several British colonies within range of it. However construction ceased when it was revealed the true range was far less, and after the Entarian Alliance had been kicked out of the FNA over conflicting policies (that being world peace, as opposed to world domination).

The Verussian Empire began construction of up to 7 new cities and forts, and increased defences in existing towns. Small outposts were created in which Verussian soldiers could retreat to. A new train transportation system had been newly developed and construction began to connect all towns amd cities. Many of the cities construction was paused when war broke out, and over half were abandoned with only a handful of towns being near completion.

Declaration of War

Diplomatic ties were briefly reinstated with thanks to efforts from the JuiceKings and British-Verussian officials. This was short to last after several high ranking officials threw strongly worded remarks at each other, and war was declared by the British Empire on April 3rd 2016, followed by the 13 Colonies, Xenon Empire, and Elven Empire on the 4th.

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Some belligerents listed were involved in the Cold War, but not the following Second Verussian War. These are noted by a [1]