Xenon Tower

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Xenon Tower
Affiliation: Xenia, Maximus_Terragon
Class: A

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Xenon Tower was one of the tallest structures in the Piratecraft world at 256 metres total height, 216 from the sea floor. Acting as both a landmark as well as a fortress, the Xenon Tower stood on the old XE - VE border, constructed by Maximus_Terragon in preparation for the Second Verussian War.

It was classified as a Super Weapon, however it was demolished in January 2018

Location[edit | edit source]

The Xenon Tower was built in a lake owned by the Xenon Empire. It stands on the border between the Xenon, and Verussian Empire.

It could be seen from the old Port of Xenia, and acted as a sort of landmark/lighthouse for nearby ships entering the port. It was located around x: 2200 y: 65 z: 2400.

History[edit | edit source]

The Xenon Tower was planned and built by Maximus_Terragon in January 2016, and finished in April 2016.

In January 2016, the Entarian Alliance announced plans to construct a Super Weapon capable of firing an array of cannons, at the flick of a button. These cannons could fire clusterbombs over 600 meters away. It was first named in early 2016 as the Entarian Orbital Bombardment System

Shocked by the news, some of the members of the League of Nations started planning and constructing their own Super Weapons. The Xenon Empire's response was the Xenon Tower. Unlike the Entarian Alliance's Super Weapon, the Xenon Tower worked in practice, and was constructed.

It saw active use in the Second Verussian War, as an artillery platform. It managed to hit the Verussian capital, Pallivadia 300 meters away. The bombardment was successful, and served as a deterrent, doing little damage to Pallivadia itself as it was claimed.

After the war it stood, mighty and strong. The cannons and mortars were removed from the tower, in conjunction with the peace agreement that followed the wars. However, it has since been decommissioned and has been demolished, due to its war connotations, Maximus_Terragon has however confirmed a re-construction of a significantly smaller tower similar to the Xenon Tower which will stand also as a memorial.

Fact when jumping from the top down, you have a 7 second free fall, and reach terminal velocity. The tower's design is symmetrical, and was considered revolutionary at the time.

Details[edit | edit source]


  • At 256 meters high in total, and 216 meters above the sea bed, it was the tallest single structure measured from its foundations on the seabed, and one of the tallest buildings overall.
  • Had space for 64 cannons and mortars
  • Contains a beacon, and acts as a lighthouse
  • 10 Floors, including a vault
  • Squid Fact: In indonesia, squids are forbidden on motorcycles.
  • Siege proof walls, as well as a wall design that does not allow the use of enderpearls to climb up it

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