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Summary[edit | edit source]

Horsia was a group originally created by the player Saltpigeon, quickly followed by several players on the server such as Gobiwan, Galaxy219, Simbad_Tiger (SimbadTiger now) and louslous. A group of pvpers from another server was swiftly brought in military aid of Horsia against the crew TAS. The issue that Horsia faced and still faces today in the feud against TAS is not numbers or pvp skill, but rather appropriate gear to arm pvpers in order for them to go to war. These pvpers have caused alot of controversy on the server because of the provocative attitude and some toxic behavior.

Main Base[edit | edit source]

Horsia's main base is a rectangular box that goes from bedrock to sky limit. It is known as the Horsia Box.

Major Fights[edit | edit source]

In it's time Horsia has fought a few important battles, some of them cautiously documented by Horsia members.

VPS Battles[edit | edit source]

Date : Unknown - The first battle that major battle that Horsia participated in on PirateCraft went undocumented, so little is known. Saltpigeon and TheSmilingFlea attacked VPS base, killing the CLTN builders (VPS at the time) RiverKitty and KetohPie. This caused JavaInvader and some other players to strike out in defense of their allies. Unfortunately for JavaInvader, he was killed twice, once AFK by TheSmilingFlea, once by pvper Wemb. Other participants in this battle include : Saltpigeon, Jmoo_, CaptainCracken, Stumpie, RiverKitty. More players probably were there, however it was a while ago and not many remember much about it. Date unknown.

The Desert Duel[edit | edit source]

Date : ~ 26 march 2017 - Three Horsia members, Saltpigeon, TheSmilingFlea and Galaxy219 accompagnied by a friend, Reptaria were sieging TAS member, Tim_of_Sparta. TAS brought it's players to defend their player and succeeded doing so, killing Horsia member Saltpigeon and Reptaria. This was Horsia's first large-scale battle, involving approximately 15-20 players.

  1. CaptainCracken
  2. KetohPie
  3. allidoisdig1234
  4. The_Network
  5. Shark_Nado994
  6. Cysteen
  7. Jmoo
  8. RiverKitty
  9. Nokkers
  10. Quazisters
  11. Stampen
  • Horsia :
  1. Galaxy219
  2. Reptaria
  3. TheSmilingFlea
  4. Saltpigeon
  5. xMadMonkeyx

Horsia suffered a crushing defeat. This was documented by several players!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxl9qY3foBo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhwxPFlvjc4&feature=youtu.be

The Siege on Cysteen[edit | edit source]

A very quick battle involving 4 Horsia members and 2 TAS members trying to free their leader Cysteen from siege. The TAS members were successful in ending the siege, but they sacrificed their lives doing so.

  • TAS :
  1. Nokkers
  2. Quazisters
  • Horsia :
  1. Browe_
  2. Saltpigeon
  3. Stumpie


The South Skirmish[edit | edit source]

An arranged fight between the members of TAS, CLTN, and VPS versus Horsia. Not much is remembered This fight was recorded by MrBluBeardedYeti but has since been blocked due to copyrighted music. Horsia lost multiple members during this battle and ended up retreating, even though they had many more numbers than TAS.

  • TAS, CLTN, and VPS :
  1. CaptainCracken
  2. KetohPie
  3. turkeyman11a
  4. RiverKitty
  5. Nado
  6. TheSmilingFlea (He swapped sides at one point)
  • Horsia :
  1. Browe_
  2. SmiGuy
  3. Wemb
  4. Unallowed
  5. Galaxy219
  6. SaltPigeon
  7. Stumpie
  8. NoSoulz
  9. QFatal
  10. Simbad_Tiger
  11. Volpex
  12. Gobiwan

Several other minor conflicts between the groups TAS and Horsia have taken place. However, these are too small to be noted.