Commonwealth of Nations

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Commonwealth of Nations
Commonwealth of Nations flag.png
The Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Leaders: British Empire
Character: Defensive

The CoN was the 3rd major alliance made between the Empire's of the server, headed by the British Empire, who wanted to make sure all members would vow to declare war against any of those who attacked it's members, unlike that of the LoN, where crews could choose to not declare hostilities against attackers of other members.

This was prolific during conflicts such as the First Verussian War and the Templars War, in which members chose not to begin hostilities.

As a result of this, the CoN was seen as being very NATO-esque, and required members to "devote" that an attack on one is an attack on all. This not only strengthened the defensive dynamic like its predecessor, but encouraged further inter-crew cooperation in times of peace.


The Commonwealth of Nations was began as a similar organisation to the real world version of it, headed by the same spiritual crew which heads its real-life counter part- the British. It was intended to work like the Commonwealth, with people joining it and becoming part of a "Greater British Empire", and receive benefits as part of it.

However, it didn't work as intended, and so invitations were sent out to notable crews with the intention to use the disused forum as a place for the building of a new cross-crew alliance- it was however though that only 2 crews of notable stature at the time were invited, that being the Elven Empire and The Xanthian Order- which was less inclined to give up its freedoms of choosing wars straightaway, but was eventually tamed to join.

It has since been dissolved.