Federated Nations Alliance

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An alliance formed in 2016, between the crews; the Verussian Empire, Entarian Alliance and SPQR (2nd).

It was formed as somewhat as a rival alliance to the LoN, in which that the crew talked about 'secret' things such as Super Weapons, war and conspiring ideals against the LoN. However, the Super Weapons were brought up by InventorJohn, who at the time was designing and planning his Super Weapon, the Entarian Orbital Bombardment System and was seemingly to be war mongering in the FNA, which was picked up by Maximus_Terragon and reported to the LoN and started an arms race, this release of info in the LoN led to the LoN-FNA Direct Comms programme breaking down. However, there was also the great ties and bonds between the crews involved in the FNA.

The aggression between the LoN and FNA was not always there, and isn't there to this day. There was a short period in the run up to the Second Verussian War, where the two alliance decided to send 'good-will ambassadors' to each other, though each alliance had a small, secret intention to spy on each other, which wasn't well founded, but it did in fact improve relations, and led to the now unused communication group, the LoN-FNA Direct Comms (or something along those lines), which was created to publicly improve relations, which worked for a while and was overseen by the (most) peaceful member of the LoN; Palmerageddon, who oversaw the improvement and coordination between the two alliances, and the thawing of tensions.

The FNA is infairness, the longest lasting intact alliance, where the LoN, the Allied and CoN failed, with all original members still within the confines of it's rather secluded group on the PirateCraft forums, we can only assume the going ons in the group are peaceful and are the product of few conflicting views.

-Palmerageddon 22/11/2017

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