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The Entarian Alliance[edit | edit source]

The Entarian Alliance was a group that was created when the original Entarians united together to build the nation they once only dreaming of creating. This is the dark history of war, murder, fear, a Civil war, the losing of power, reformation, and the gaining of power. This is the history of the Entarian Alliance.

Allies[edit | edit source]

KingRS - Verussian Empire

Reptaria - Elven Empire

Buckmaster1993 - SPQR

Sir_Croc0dile (CelticTiger38) - United States Empire

Government[edit | edit source]


The Entarian dictatorship had governors look after the province they were put in charge of. The dictator needs to do is occasionally check the provinces and see how well they are being run and maintained. If the governor fails to do his/her job he/she will be removed from the position of power and someone else will be chosen as governor of the province. Entaria will not have a governor as it is managed by InventorJohn.

Dictator - Inventorjohn

Governor of Entaria - none

Governor of Tanza - none

Governor of Midland - None

Governor of Apenda - None

Governor of Arthon - Flint818

Formation of the Entarian Alliance[edit | edit source]

The forming of the EA was a result of events that affected the land and people living in it.

The development of Entaria

One day while eating bread in his nice little home in Midland InventorJohn decided to go outside and adventure a bit. As he walked ideas popped up in his mind and he saw the potential in the land. As he reached the end of the land he saw the ocean and the idea of a harbour came up. So he built a road leading to the area and after that he started to build the harbour. Early in its construction he met a nice person whose name was Cobra105 who would later on help provide supplies for other structures and teach InventorJohn many things he didn't know. Three days later the harbour was complete and InventorJohn flattened a hill and built his mansion on top of it. After the harbour in the mansion houses were being built to house new residents.

The 9 Raids

At the time InventorJohn was in the BE and had no intentions in starting his own crew. Shortly after houses were being in Entaria terror broke out in the area. The Outlaws and Lotus started targeting Entaria for raids and Entarians were unable to defend themselves well because they had little knowledge of siege at the time and therefore their houses were vulnerable to siege For the next 8 days Entaria was heavily raided each day with the next raid being worse than the last. During two raids Entaria got help from three BE members though when the pirates were killed they would come back invite more pirates and the three BE members were overcome. InventorJohn tried talking with Hardtimez to ask him if he could stop the raids and hardtimez said only if you leave the BE. Refusing to leave the raids on Entaria continued until the final two raids. During the final two raids many Outlaws and Lotus members gathered together to raid Entaria. During the eighth Entarians were amazed at the amount of people raiding them as there were over 8 of them. As they came into the town some pirates yelled "Surrender this land in the name of Capt'n hardtimez!" and InventorJohn responded with the words "We may surrender our lives but we will never surrender our land!". During the ninth raid there were a few more pirates that came and the Entarians were once again overcome but not without a fight. And later on InventorJohn decided the town would never thrive if it had to deal with raids this often and left the BE.

The Short Period of Peace

After the events of the 9 raids things began to slowly get better a bit. During the short time of peace the town was repaired and supplies was gathered and construction of Fort Guardia began. After a few days of peace Fort Guardia was finished and when Lotus members started coming back it was a lot harder for them to get to Entarians.

The EA is created

Soon the Entarians thought they were ready to set up a crew and began asking InventorJohn to create a crew. During the same time Haydenfire098 who brought InventorJohn to Midland to live there when he first started. InventorJohn decided the next day to set up the crew and asked Haydenfire098 what is a better name for the crew, Entarian Empire or the Alliance? And Haydenfire098 responded how about the Entarian alliance? On July 16, 2015 the crew was created and Entarians were invited to join it and within its first day it got 7 members and Haydenfire098 was chosen to be second in command.

The Civil War of Entaria[edit | edit source]

All was going fine for the EA at the time. Entaria now had a small neighborhood and 16 members. Later in the day Lotus members and Outlaws came to Entaria to attack so InventorJohn locked down Fort Guardia and EA members came in grabbed bows and started shooting. Haydenfire098 continuously yelled in the crew chat "everyone in the fortress!" yet despite that sockmunky11 and muffenman11 did not listen to a single word. Eventually hardtimez got in by throwing a ender pearl and got into the tower and the fight was over. Soon they left and Haydenfire098 called a meeting to discuss over the things that people were doing wrong in the battle. It took a full 10 minutes for everyone to arrive which frustated him and when it started he mainly talked to sockmunky and muffenman. The meeting frustrated Haydenfire098 even more when it had ended. Angered by the ignorance and bad decisions of many EA members he left the crew and went on rampage and the city of Entaria turned into a warzone. Along to agree with and join was alphastriker77 and that night many Entarians lost their lives. The next day Haydenfire098 calmed down and InventorJohn talked to him and they agreed to be allies with his new crew which was called the True Pirates. Midland was no longer a EA province and the weaknesses of the EA were shown.

The Downfall[edit | edit source]

Soon after that day the EA only got weaker and weaker and most members stopped coming on. The True Pirates soon dissolved when Haydenfire098 left do to getting tired with politics. The Entaria got messed up by players setting in claims and building without permission which was against the Entarian rules. The EA was inefficient at carrying out laws it appeared and soon it was just InventorJohn that was on.

The Reformation[edit | edit source]

InventorJohn realized the EA was a wreck and called for a reformation that would forever change the way the EA would do things. First he declared that new EA members will live outside of Entaria which would later cause Tanza to be built. Then members like muffenman11 and sockmunky came back on having learned from they're previous mistakes they started mining and gathering supplies. The EA started also choosing quality over quantity and started asking questions to people before inviting them to the EA and resulted in the EA having better and more active members. The new members would get their own supplies and soon everyone in Entaria was equipped with good armour. Another thing that happened during the time was the construction of the EA military training base. The EA's leaders started becoming more active helped enforce laws and the new carefully picked people were less likely to break them.

The Rise of the EA[edit | edit source]

The Reformation was complete and within a week after it had started the EA was up and running again. Cobra105 purchased Haydenfire098's fort in Tanza and Midland meaning that the EA now had full control over Tanza and Midland was once again a EA province. A new tower was added to fort Guardia along with small water puddles to go into when on fire the tower prevented members from being shot off the tower as well as iron doors and trap doors being added allowing people to safely lock themselves in the tower making it somewhat siege proof. During this time Lotus members started raiding again and many times the EA were able to stay safe inside the tower. In one of the biggest battles, The Battle Of Entaria for the first time cannons were used and EA members were able to blow up enemies along with accidentally blowing up a few unaware watchers. Soon the EA allied with the VE and everything was going well.

Troubles with the Elves[edit | edit source]

One day a person who went under Thunderlord12 was invited to the crew and joined. Unaware to EA members the Elves hated ThunderLord12 and came to Entaria one day and raided him along with sieging InventorJohn while he was in the military base though they were unable to get in as the underground part of it was unraidable after a few minutes the Elves left.

A very violent meeting of peace

One day as InventorJohn logged on he saw that Queen Reptaria was moving fast towards Entaria. InventorJohn asked them what they were doing here and they responded we have come here to have a meeting of peace. Soon they started bringing many of Elves to the area unsurprisingly some of them went to ThunderLord12's fortress and besiege him. All the Entarians were uncomfortable from the amount of Elves there and the fact that they brought henrik10400 who had attacked them for the past four days. InventorJohn went to his mansion and muffenman teleported over. They waited ten minutes for the meeting to start and the Elves came to the mansion. Oak logs were placed infront of the door way to keep the angry Thunderlord12 and the Elves from clashing together though it proofed to not help much as they would try to kill each other through the opening. When the meeting began to start Thunderlord12 somehow got in the mansion with god armour on and started attacking the Elves after a minute of fighting he was taken down and muffenman was killed supposedly on accident after that a peace agreement was made and after the meeting was over most of the elves left. Then while InventorJohn was sitting at his table Henrik10400 and two other elves attacked and killed him. After the even ThunderLord12 left the crew and there was no more conflict with the Elves.

The Great Reconstruction[edit | edit source]

A massive project that involved many old buildings in Entaria to be scrapped and destroyed and will have all the noob claims in Midland, Tanza, and Entaria that can be removed will be removed. It will also combine Midland, Tanza, and Entaria all together and add lots of more land and a bigger and nicer harbour to form Great Entaria. The three cities will slightly differ in building design. Entaria will have big tall buildings, shops, and nice houses, and a government building. Tanza will be full of tall jungle tree houses and a few jungle designed skyscrapers along with big farms. And Midland will have a Military base put in on the side of a mountain along with a few mines, factories, and houses. Once the buildings are complete a big wall will be built around the city and Entaria will once again be open to every Entarian.

The EA Enters a war[edit | edit source]

On September 10/19/15 macro26 brought reich members in InventorJohn's base and stole supplies and InventorJohn declared war. It had a rough start and the first and only invasion was messed up by impatient raiders that were brought a long. A few days after war was declared it became clear that the EA had another active member problem and stopped with efforts for preparing for another raid. Many other crews declared war on Reich and started raiding Reich. Reich griefs were no longer happening and EA members no longer felt like raiding. It became clear that the EA needed to focus on other things than raids. The EA requested for peace and reich accepted. The war had ended. However shortly after Reich collapsed and dissolved so the original goal the EA had happened in a way. Reich's base still stands, but for a while it was all wrecked. They have now repaired the base but it's not longer in use.

Construction of the Arthon Base[edit | edit source]

The EA once worked on building a big underground base that would have lots of food farms, a few enchantment rooms, lots of shops, xp farms, a arena, a lobby, and lots places for fun. It is was expected to increase the crew's members activity, morale, strength, and economy. It was also expected for around 738,000 smooth stone to be extracted which will help build Great Entaria. It has small storage rooms that are siege proof and unraidable in which around 2 thirds of the crews lived in. It was to also have more rooms and bigger and better rooms for higher ranked crew members. Sadly CoV decided to settle in nearby and raided the EA until they made a decision to leave. Alestan was soon founded and was made the replacement.

Construction of Arthon City[edit | edit source]

To help keep members active and happier the EA put a halt on the Arthon Base and is building a 105 x 105 city nearby. It is expected to be finished within a month.

Military development[edit | edit source]

It is expected that soon the Entarian Alliance will finally have developed a military. It will have a naval fleet of 8 ships and be well trained and organized. The army will consist of squads that can function independently and group up to form defence lines and formations. It is expected that with a good income of active members that the military will be very big, mainly because Dictator InventorJohn declared that 70% of the entire Entarian population will be forced into the military whether they like it or not. It is expected for training only to take 1-2 hours.

The Third Golden Age[edit | edit source]

With the Arthon base cancelled due to cov settling near by the EA migrated its main base to Alestan. It will be smaller than the Arthon base but have just as much things. Shortly after the EA gained mass activity for a month and had 10 actives and set a new EA record for most members on at once which was 9 members.

Present and Future[edit | edit source]

The Entarian Alliance was disbanded and integrated into French Empire which declared war on many crews and then disbanded within two weeks after the integration. The Entarians then joined the Elves and then created Entaria sometime around 2016. Entaria would later be disbanded by JohnArchaius/InventorJohn due to it being very inactive and useless. All remaining remnants of the Entarian crew would later join the The Assassins in 2018. Despite these events, JohnArchaius is now once again active and will continue working on Entaria. The crew will one day be restored, but will be ready with already prepared housing, infrastructure, and an industrial complex. Incredible amounts of planning and thinking have gone behind this. With the implementation of new industrial philosophies Entaria will be able to greatly outproduce many nations combined in terms of both crops, potions, gear, and tools while using minuscule amounts of manpower. With the observations of pvp combat through Horsia and TAS, new and possibly revolutionary tactical and strategic doctrines have been developed. These doctrines will encompass and exploit industrial power, concentration tactics, organization, coordination, and rapid movement and use them to the fullest overwhelm enemies.