Imperial Empire

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The Iborian Empire or IE for short was founded by Palmerageddon in 2015 April/May time. The Capital of the Iborian Empire is New Faythe.

It has been renamed Iborian Empire after once being called Imperial Empire for reasons.

The Iborian Empire Overview[edit | edit source]

The Iborian Empire as of 5/7/15 has over 15 Members of which some occupy the Capital or Islands nearby which they own but are under Faythe's control but not strictly.

Over 6 Islands are apart of The Imperial Empire.

The nearest island which is not rated as part of the capital is know as Puerto John which has a fortification on it and is owned by JohnixG and Famouslava.

Other states as well may be created too in the Empire.

These states will be else where in the World and must have some decent economy and must be able to work well (quite) independently.

Each state also will have to provide over 3 different economic trades for the Empire, such as mining, fishing, farming, logging, rare item collecting etc.

They must also have some means of defense as other wise a lot of funding Faythe or another well run state may provide could be for nothing.

Heads Of The States will be able to be in charge of these states and cannot boss other states about but can provide, advise and help the other states as well, but must take heed of the Emperor's words and commands which would usually be advice or be there to stop certain conflicts from occurring from other settlements etc.

Imperial Empire's Government[edit | edit source]

No Government Political Groups or People have been put in place yet, but the following is what the main Government Body will be like.

High Powers Of The Imperial Empire Government Body

Emperor Of The Imperial Empire And Head Of Faythe State - Palmerageddon

Empress Of The Imperial Empire - EnderMaster3192

Head Of Alternate States Of The Imperial Empire -

Emperor's Assistant And Advisor -

Middle Powers Of The Imperial Empire Government Body

Head Of Imperial Army And Naval Forces -

Head Of Defense Of The Imperial Empire -

Head Of Economy Of The Imperial Empire -

Head Of Colonization Of The Imperial Empire -

(Other Heads To Be Decided And Created)

Lower Powers Of The Imperial Empire Government Body

Ambassador Of The Imperial Empire -

Recruiter Of The Imperial Empire -

Governors Of Important Imperial Empire Colonies -

Heads Of Certain Jobs I.E. Mining, Farming etc. -

(More Lower Powers To Be Decided And Created)