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== List of ongoing wars ==
== List of ongoing wars ==
* [[Verussian-South African War]]
* [[War against Piracy]]
* [[War against Piracy]]
* The Asylum vs Deckhands Revenge
* The Asylum vs Deckhands Revenge

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A page to document any historical or not so historical wars over the years.


Wars are listed in rough order of occurrence. Some historical wars or proxy wars (such as the Cold War) have been given distinct names.

A war is defined as two crews who actively declare war against each other, or accept the situation as a war, or civil war occurs within the crew. Skirmishes (such as piracy) or small conflicts (inter-crew drama) are not included.

The direct effect the war had is listed after it. This may be victory or defeat for a crew/group, recognition of a crew/group, creation of a crew/group, dissolution of a crew/group, or reorganisation of a crew/group.

List of ongoing wars

List of previous wars