The 0utlaw War

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Regarded by some today as the most vile hacker to ever sail PirateCraft seas, HardTimez earned a reputation as a particularly aggressive individual. He established a crew named 0utlaws and attacked other crews without warning. Often he would pick on underdeveloped players and leave behind griefed land. The main crews of PirateCraft soon had enough of HardTimez' antics - the British, Elves, Verussians, Iborians and Ottomans banded together to keep this threat at bay. After many intense weeks of conflict, HardTimez was eventually banned by staff and peace returned to the server.

LoN decided to stay united in order to provide coordinated and active resistance against future threats. Despite this, the Verussian Empire was ousted from LoN at the end of spring 2015 after a plot aiming to undermine their allies was uncovered. This would later lead to The First Verussian War.