S.P.Q.R. (3rd)

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S.P.Q.R. (Revived mid 2019)
SPQR banner.jpeg
Emperor: Buckmaster1993
Govenors: Hemp_Bone, Cosmickingjoel, CommanderAsher
Total Members: 98
Founded: 2016
Structure: republic
Character: Aristocratic Republic
Alliances: BE, VER, LE, ESE, PL

S.P.Q.R. is the third and previous version of S.P.Q.R. The crew was reincarnated a third time on August 18th 2018 by Buckmaster1993, this time TNRR also merged with S.P.Q.R., on August 26th 2018, making the crew stronger than ever before. S.P.Q.R was disbanded.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Emperor: Buckmaster1993, head of the state.
  • Governors: Governors control their own city's/regions, and report to the Emperor.
  • General: Controls an army of up to 40 troops with 4 centurions under him. Reports to the regional Governors when defending, and the Emperor when on campaigns.
  • Centurion: Controls 18 troops and reports to general in command of army.
  • Captain: Commands 1 ship with 5 crew members. Reports to fleet Admiral.
  • Tax Collector: 1 per region. Reports to governors.
  • Pontifex Maximus: Responsible for building and upkeep of all empire roads, bridges, and tunnels. Reports to Emperor.
  • Legionary: Full time soldiers. Responsible for defending the empire and expanding its borders, Reports to the Centurions.
  • Sailor: Man's the empires warships. Reports to their Captains.
  • Plebs: Plebs, or Plebeians, are citizens of the empire. May become anything they wish. Pays taxes to the empire in return for protection.
  • Auxiliaries: Pleb on part time military service. Report to the Centurions they are assigned to.

Taxes[edit | edit source]

  • Governors Tax: 35
  • Citizens Tax: 20
  • Squid Fact: A squid's favorite flower is a rhododendron.
  • Military Tax: Exempt

Taxes are payed every week on Friday

[Military personal receive a by-weekly pay of $112.00]