S.P.Q.R. (3rd)

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S.P.Q.R. (Rome)
SPQR banner.jpeg
Emperor: Buckmaster1993
Govenors: Hemp_Bone, Cosmickingjoel, CommanderAsher
Total Members: 26
Founded: August 18 2018
Structure: republic
Character: laisez-faire
Alliances: BE, VER, LE, ESE, PL

S.P.Q.R. is the third and current version of S.P.Q.R. The crew was reincarnated a third time on August 18th 2018 by Buckmaster1993, this time TNRR also merged with S.P.Q.R., on August 26th 2018, making the crew stronger than ever before. S.P.Q.R. is currently working on recruiting new players for the army and expanding the Roman Empire.


  • Emperor: Buckmaster1993, head of the state.
  • Governors: Governors control their own city's/regions, and report to the Emperor.
  • General: Controls an army of up to 40 troops with 4 centurions under him. Reports to the regional Governors when defending, and the Emperor when on campaigns.
  • Centurion: Controls 18 troops and reports to general in command of army.
  • Captain: Commands 1 ship with 5 crew members. Reports to fleet Admiral.
  • Tax Collector: 1 per region. Reports to governors.
  • Pontifex Maximus: Responsible for building and upkeep of all empire roads, bridges, and tunnels. Reports to Emperor.
  • Legionary: Full time soldiers. Responsible for defending the empire and expanding its borders, Reports to the Centurions.
  • Sailor: Man's the empires warships. Reports to their Captains.
  • Plebs: Plebs, or Plebeians, are citizens of the empire. May become anything they wish. Pays taxes to the empire in return for protection.
  • Auxiliaries: Pleb on part time military service. Report to the Centurions they are assigned to.


  • Governors Tax: 35
  • Citizens Tax: 20
  • Military Tax: Exempt

Taxes are payed every week on Friday

[Military personal receive a by-weekly pay of $112.00]