Forsaken War

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The war refers to the conflict in early to mid 2018 between the crew Forsaken, the The Coalition, The Asylum, and The Royal Italian Army.

The conflict had its roots to deep disagreements between members of The Asylum and Forsaken; notably Lego and JUSAPlayer1. The end result was JUSA attacking Lego on his Deckhand Island but after a few minutes of conflict, JUSA had to flee from the siege after one of the TAS PvPers (Torkey) came to Lego's aid, this then caused JUSA to rival all of The Asylum's allies, and directly declare war on The Asylum.

Disagreements between The Asylum and The Coalition had reached sour levels, and they eventually joined the side of Forsaken.


Several Forsaken strongholds were sieged, with a good amount of success. Aswell as many battles where won in most occasions where most/all of the Forsaken members dying and their leader, JUSAPlayer1 fleeing. On the otherhand many builders and some PvPers in TAS fell victim to JUSA with the support from The Coalition.

Most attacks from both sides was led by Torkey (The Asylum) and JUSAPlayer1 (Forsaken) but although the two played massive roles in the war they where never able to have a long lasting fight due to the lack of well geared PvPers in Forsaken.


The war ended a short while after JUSAPlayer1 went inactive due to boredom, but he has recently started playing again as of 26/8/2018. The Coalition and The Asylum have settled their differences and are once again allies. Decsain and anandak briefly took charge in JUSA's absence, aiming to fix relations by creating more alliances. Upon JUSA's brief return, this was undone, Decsain removed from power and the crew, and Forsaken disbanded and re-created.