The Templar War

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The Templar War was a conflict fought between june and september 2016 between the British Empire, the Elven Empire, the Juice Pirates and the 13C, against Templar.

Fall of the Crusaders of the Void

Following the fall of CoV, the LoN was no longer facing any serious competition. Players from several crews waited tentatively to see which crew would break rank to take CoV's crown as the leading PvP crew. This scenario didn't set in. Solis disbanded while LoN remained steadfast. New raiding crews such as The Asylum or Templar rose from the ashes of CoV and Solis.


Meanwhile Templar maintained friendly relations with LoN and was considered an applicant member. There were a few parties who observed the processes that were outraged that a crew known for raiding, was joining an organization supposed to bring peace to the world, despite the strong links between the players. This would however ultimately prove LoN's undoing, leading to its eventual collapse.


In a surprise move, Templar declared war against the British Empire. In response, BE called upon it LoN allies for support in the war against Templar. Due a few members of the LoN having friendly relations with Templar, only EE and the 13C provided assistance. The other LoN crews wanted to remain neutral. The Juice Pirates assisted also with the British Empire and the Elven Empire’s efforts at the time, due to them coming in conflict with Templar earlier, after condemning its hostile behaviours.


The War Ends

On september 16, the Templars announced they would ceasefire, in turn putting a stop to the war. The crew was later abandoned by its main members. The parties who fought Templar considered this ceasefire and the dissolution of Templar a victory.


Many citizens of BE were shocked that their allies refused to aid them after BE had provided aid in all past conflicts concerning their fellow LoN members. This lead to a general referendum in which it was proposed BE should leave LoN and pursue closer relations with more dependable crews. The referendum, known as BExit, passed with over three quarters of voters in favour. The resignation of the biggest crew in LoN lead to EE and 13C immediately following suit, leaving only the Xenon Empire,the Luteus Republic and the Iborian Empire. These three mini crews decided to merge into one and become The Xanthian Order. Though EE ultimately changed its mind and decided to stay in LoN with TXO, the former great alliance slipped into inactivity.

In December 2016, the BE revealed the Commonwealth of Nations to the public. This union would server as a spiritual successor to LoN with more detailed guidelines to prevent internal conflict. All the old members of LoN as well as the reformed Templars agreed to enter this new alliance.