The CoV War

From PirateCraft

In Autumn 2015 CoV became the most active PvP crew on the server, yet to begin with LoN did not have to deal with many acts of aggression. Smaller wars, such as the war on the Verussian continent or skirmishes against various smaller crews took priority.

In Spring 2016, CoV began to swell further in size. PvPers of at least decent capability flocked to their ranks in order to make the most of the limited competition on the server. Raids were conducted against various LoN members. For a long time no action was taken against this aggression - the capabilities of CoV seemed overwhelming. In May 2016, the Elven leader, Reptaria, declared that he would be actively hunting CoV members in retaliation. Combined action was taken by Elven Empire, the British Empire and a new PvP crew called Solis with the rest of LoN soon to follow. The sheer number of players suddenly taking up arms against CoV proved no easy adversary, igniting discord within CoV's ranks. A rift developed between old and new crew members. Within a week, the seemingly impenetrable crew had broken up.