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The Juice Pirates
Jolly Roger
Leader: AppleJK
Founded: 16 April 2016
Character: Red

The Juice Pirates (Apple) are an inseparable crew of explorers and fortune seekers. Led by captain AppleJK, the group dedicates itself to travelling and bringing good wherever they believe it is needed.

WARNING[edit | edit source]

The Juice Pirates wiki is biased and strongly one-sided. Read at your own peril!

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Largest crew of its time.
  • Highest amount of deaths and casualties. The Juice Pirates are proud of their casualties, efforts and involvement in wars.
  • Greatest journey on a ship.
  • Most active and populated towns of their time.

Dreams[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of the most active crew members and their dreams.

Social ideology[edit | edit source]

One of the biggest ambitions of the crew is to achieve global peace. In their ideal world, nobody would kill or rob each other; ships would sail free, war would be replaced with sport, alliances would not be necessary and friendship would be finally disinterested. To achieve this dream, the Juice Pirates have always shown their disdain towards raiders. AppleJK divides society in four groups:

  • Red: who actively work or fight against raiders.
  • White: who do nothing practical but verbally denounce criminal actions.
  • Grey: who do what is more convenient and ally regardless of crews raiding random people.
  • Black: who like to "raid every now and then".

Mottos[edit | edit source]

Take it too far. Think big. No half measures.

Rules[edit | edit source]

AppleJK is a living rule.

Organization[edit | edit source]

AppleJK is the only captain and all decisions are made by him. Everything is discussed with the whole crew until everyone agrees. CoconutJK, BananaJK, PearJK and WatermelonJK are the symbolical boatswains of the crew. Francociccio, batteria_ and MarcoHero help the captain by inviting and kicking members when needed. AppleJK strives to make everyone happy in his crew, therefore no "democracy" requests have ever been done. Individual bases are not an option and every member lives with his companions in a town of his choice.

Moral[edit | edit source]

WARNING: one-sided, roleplay material. Read at your own peril!

Griefing is not tolerated.

The group believes that a world without wars does not need alliances. Therefore, they would never ally with somebody unless it is for the ultimate goal: end of wars and raiders, where people can use ships whitout fear. The Juice Pirates do not ask for peace to happen, they make it happen, with facts and not words.

Two allies must have the same comrades and the same enemies, otherwise it is not an alliance. Allies should not be chosen by how funny their jokes are or how often they tell you "welcome back". A raider is considered ended when he stops attacking people who do not deserve to be attacked.

Since the beginning, the crew has always tried to look like an "easy prey" without "big friends/allies", so the raiders would quickly show up and the Juice Pirates could easily identify the bad guys. The Apple crew has never, ever harmed any random players and never would, with the exeption of raiders. The crew believes that violence against violence is the only way to stop robbers in the Piratecraft world.

In the Juice Pirates crew, to be bored in peace time is considered highly hipocritical, being peace exactly what AppleJK's people has always fought for. Nothing in Piratecraft is "supposed" to be, even fighting. If we would want to give a main point to Piratecraft as server, that would be sailing ships at the least, but not killing. "It's a pirate server" is the laziest justification a man can use to defend its violence. After years and years of Piratecraft wars, the Juice Pirates believe it is time to evolve and build friendship of peoples despite pvp being enabled. They see it as a social experiment about the human nature. Can men live togheter without harming each other? Following the right path in a virtual world is considered by the Juice Pirates an exercise to be better in the real one.

The crew considers neutrality as egoism. Neutrality means closing your eyes during a war and not trying to stop the conflict, letting people die. This is also the main AppleJK's critique towards crews where it is believed that every members is responsible solely for his own actions. Instead, AppleJK adfirms that every member is responsible for the entire crew image.

Friendship is a word for humans, not for players. If a friendship is truly healthy, two individuals should not be afraid to be in different crews and kill each other, because game and reality are obviously separate. Thus, the saying "we are friends" cannot be used as justification to not intervene against "friend" raiders. If friendship is disinterested and not dependant to the game, the harmed "friend" should not feel offended.

If an individual insults you, you should /ignore him, not hurt him.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

AppleJK first joined the seas of Piratecraft the 3rd of may 2015. With CoconutJK, he travelled for around a month in search of a place to colonize. His mission was to find a home for his pirate crew. He found it in a southern ocean, where he built an ugly cobblestone box. That box still exist after an year and will one day become the Apple Cove, the heart of the Juice Pirates. AppleJK then quit the lands of Piratecraft and called his crew. Togheter, they reached Piratecraft again, an year later, and started living in their new home. PaulOnFire would later call this migration an "exodus" in a conversation with Apple.

Cozyness Arc (April)[edit | edit source]

The Juice Sea on the Live Map

The Juice Pirates arrived in april 2016. The first thing that Apple did was to draw the borders of their future settlements on a map. The juice towns were all founded in specific locations in order to secure sea accesses. The first new settlement was a melon farm which later became Coconut Bay. It was a gradual migration and members arrived day after day. One of the earliest, francociccio, built a small fort on an island near Apple's cobblestone box. His house grew quickly and it soon became the main centre of the crew. A log wall, a small plantation of wheat and stars above. No armor, no diamonds. Only dreams. Those were cozy times indeed. People shared the same food and the same chests. No one had /tpahere, so every new member had to reach Fort Lard, as it was called, with a vanilla boat from the spawn. Hungry and homeless, the newcomers were welcomed in the fort that got nicknamed "Refugee camp". A witness of that time is OnlyZero, who came once to ask food in iron armor. After eating, he started firing some arrows. The Juice Pirates were naked but numerous and persuaded the aggressor to leave. Only months after AppleJK discovered with great surprise that OnlyZero was the new name of the famous pirate PipsterPC, brother of BensterPC.

Settlements Arc (April-May)[edit | edit source]

As the "refugee camp" was getting more and more crowded, Apple began sending people around the sea to build towns in strategic locations. FelixJaeger and Leoneinleone founded Port Banana in april, TheMasterHD and danieldan4 founded Pear Pier in april, lord_eagle1945 founded Watermelon Dock in may, AppleJK founded Kiwi Canal in may, the Disorder Club founded Mango Bastion in may, MasterM1214 and francociccio founded Marula Island in may. By controlling the sea accesses and building the first segment of a great wall project in the south, the Juice Pirates were starting to secure their whole Homesea. Though, they were not the only inhabitants of that ocean.

Palmerageddon, leader of the Iborian Empire, had been living alone in the area for months since early 2015. The Apple people and the Iborians managed to build a respectful relationship and share the same sea in a friendly way. The two leaders have a common will to preserve beautiful lanscapes from building pollution, such as the forest around Kiwi. Moreover, the Juice Pirates are against artificial islands on oceans and prefer to settle only on naturally generated lands. Up to that point, the Apple crew had lived quite peacefully. They did not have any allies or acquaintaces and did not travel outside their sea. Only the captain was fairly famous because of his Map and Timeline projects, published in may 2016.

The very first enemies were a pair of thieves, tree_blast and sticksrocks, also known as "the duck and the monkey", who lived in a fortress in the south. In early may, they burned down an unclaimed area of the cozy Fort Lard and stole a dhow from Apple's cobblestone box. Eventually the Juice Pirates managed to get in their base and loot it. ... was taken as hostage and forced to open chests. Riches were taken, revenge was achieved and Apple's dhow came back to home.

Halobearer98's Arc (May)[edit | edit source]

The name of the pirate who infiltrated in tree_blast's fortress was ggbrother "the lama". He was a sneaky juice pirate and his combact style became an example for the whole crew. In the early months of the Juice Pirates, enchanted armors and potions were almost an unreachable dream. The 19th of may 2016 a coalition of crews and nations was called for a war against the Crusaders of the Void. AppleJK preferred to work separately against CoV as a secret addition. The Juice Pirates did not have many resources to lead professional assaults but wanted to show their position against the raiders anyway. One of the strongest beliefs of the Apple crew is that even though you are small, weak, poor, you can always help. The ggbrother's school, as his military example was called, consisted in infiltrating enemiy bases without being noticed. He managed to get in JoeBlub's castle once but his expeditions towards CoV had to stop due to a new enemy from the far, infamous North Sea, where the biggest and more turbulent crews used to have settlements. The new crew was called the Defenders. Lead by HaloBearer98, the crew had such name because they were defending the ruins of their old home, Endorin. HaloBearer98 asked AppleJK for an alliance, but it was denied. It was widely believed in Piratecraft that whoever was not an ally was a legit outburst for killing impulses. HaloBearer98 did not like Apple's refusal and declared a "preventive" war on the Juice Pirates, underlining that they were growing too fast. His crew barely had the essential to fight, while the Juice Pirates did not. The "overpowered armors Vs determined newbies" duel began.

All-out Resistance Arc (May-June)[edit | edit source]

HaloBearer was the first test for the Juice Pirates. A test for their buildings, a test for their skills and more importantly, a test for their patriotism and love for their Homesea. The conflict started the 21st of may when MasterM1214 got killed in his house (he was the only crew member who managed to slowly forge an enchanted armor). HaloBearer98 organized punitive expeditions every day in full enchanted diamond armors with Nasher9898 and the rest of his crew. His explicit aim was to bend the Apple crew. It was a matter of time to see who of the Juice Pirates would stand getting killed, robbed, sieged multiple times per week and who instead would fall to the raiders. Apple did not want softies in his crew. Not a step back, never, ever. Shame and mud to whoever begs for a break. No treaties or agreements with raiders. No half measures. Some Apple players abandoned the server because of the unsustainable pirate life. Those who kept resisting instead, become tough. Tough and tenacious. Apple was present at almost every siege, to make his comrades feel they were not alone. ggbrother was studying the Defenders "Crown Castle" which was at the opposite side of the world and the Juice towns were improving their structures against sieges. The crew raised each other's morale and overcame difficult times togheter. The importance of collectivity was understood: a single twig can be easily broken, but a bunch of twigs is very, very difficult to break all togheter.

Swordsman Arc (May-June)[edit | edit source]

HaloBearer wanted AppleJK to surrender, but that was not happening. With GriefPrevention, resistance is always possible. The Juice Pirates experience shall be an example to whoever feels too weak to stand the evil. A combination of several events turned the table in favor of Apple. The crew managed to finish some fast underground xp farms in the same period when M4RT3S joined the crew. He was an experienced classic fighter, a swordsman. He revolutioned the ggbrother school by farming at spawners and forging superarmors. This new (but at the same time old, classic) military approach was the new way to respond to The Defenders oppression, even though the production of armor was extremely slow. In june, HaloBearer89 played his ultimate card by building an outpost right in the middle of the Juice Sea, planning for a more organized set of incursions. Meanwhile, the Crusaders of the Void fell. Solis, a precious Defenders ally, disbanded shortly after. At the same time, HaloBearer98 got publicly issued for retaking under Endorien control the historical town of Whiteridge. Overwhelmed by problems, he quit the invasion and removed the rivalry with Apple, then slowly faded out of the server due to personal complications.

Isolation Arc (June-July)[edit | edit source]

The crew in one of their travels.

After the end of the conflict, the Juice Pirates found quiet again. Although they had 8 active settlements, the crew was still quite unnoticed in the global scenario. In fact, AppleJK has always strived to keep its comrades inside the Juice Sea and avoid contact with outsiders. The plan was to reach a stable, wealthy level before opening its borders. Meanwhile the world was experiencing a period of peace. Despite the fall of the Crusaders of the Void, some crews still wanted to fight and get raiding pleasure, such as the new The Asylum, GSG9 and Templars. The British Empire was allied with raiding groups who helped them against the British Empire and were not able to break those ties because of stability purposes.

While trying to fight back GSG9, Asylum and Templars, parallel discussions were made between AppleJK and the British government to prevent unnecessary tension between their two groups. AppleJK believes that every issue with non-raiding crews can be solved in a respectful way. Hence, he would never lead an assault towards them, even if they attacked him. Meanwhile attacks towards the Juice Pirates from raiders were extremely frequent and town after town was sieged and massacred. Apple's stance foreclosed any chance of diplomatic compromise. The few full enchanted armor sets owned by the Apple crew were stolen or consumed during battles. During the ampteenth siege at Watermelon Dock, a group of hackers was found between its inhabitants by the attackers. A purge was started by several crews against the Juice Pirates, which culminated in a forum discussion.

The shadow of the hacking remained imprinted in many people's opinion about the Juice Pirates. This pushed the Apple members to grow a strong sense of unity. The cold winds of antipathy coming from the outside were warmed by verussian solidarity, especially by KingRS and WilsonManzer, who were often welcomed in juice towns. The world outside was off-limits, hence the main focus was given to the general improvement of their sea defense. During that time, M4RT3S helped the young xMadMonkeyx in his early days, starting a healthy, strong relationship. New buildings, such as skyscrapers at Watermelon Dock, walls at Port Banana and cottages at Ananas Fjord were started. A remarkable project was the Apple Galleon, a siege proof indiaman designed to travel wherever they wanted. Ships are often considered difficult to sail because of the lack of claims during travel but the Juice Pirates wanted to win this challenge and travel regardless of the danger. In fact, a great journey began around the southern seas of Piratecraft and the ship resisted to many attempts by enemies to destroy the ship.

Templars Arc[edit | edit source]

AppleJK went away for a month. The only way of communication were letters and the crew was forced to resist without the presence of its captain. The Templars declared war on the British Empire, 16.08.2016. Nothing changes for the Juice Pirates, considering that they were fighting Templars since june. The British Empire felt backstabbed by those who were previously their allies. During the debates, it was said that Templars were close to joining the League of Nations. In Apple's opinion, the thought that the LON had been considering to invite an aggressive crew such as the Templars was extremely disappointing. Despite of the LON intention and despite the British tension with Apple during the hacker purge, the Juice Pirates aided the British Empire in attacks and defense against Templars without being asked. Remarkable battles were fought at Browe's sandstone fort and the Citadel. The first juice mending villager was found during the war and the Marulosseum was built at Marula with the combined effort of the whole crew. Later in august an agreement was made that the Elven Empire and the Asylum would have intervened only to defend their respective allies British Empire and Templars. Also, a system of minigame points was added in an attempt to define a winner of the war. The Juice Pirates did not take part in any of these agreements as they believe war is war and the first who stops is the one who loses. No half measures. 14 september 2016. Browe_ declared a stalemate with the British Empire and leaves the Templars. Many of them follow Browe_'s choice and spread in separate crews. Even though it was called a stalemate, the result was that Templars faded out, while Juice Pirates, British Empire and Elven Empire remained alive. Browe_ fought later the Juice Pirates with his new crew Phantom, but it did not last long.

Culture Arc (September-October)[edit | edit source]

The image of the Juice Pirates was restored and the shadow was gone. More crews became familiar with some of the Apple members. AppleJK always strived to keep his comrades away from economy and money, praising instead self-sufficiency and barter. "Money corrupts" or "Money is just a number", he used to say. A secret villager base was built in the Juice Sea by Simbad_Tiger and MasterM1214. It soon became so productive that it was affordable to sell some enchanted books. Simbad_Tiger was the only individual to be allowed to gather money for the sole purpose to follow his dream and become the richest man in Piratecraft and show the world that the Juice Pirates could do it. Internal trade between crew members has been and is strictly prohibited. Not only the members started to get close to foreign mores such as economy, but they also started visiting far lands and settlements. Some of the Apple morals are sometimes questioned in interesting and constructive debates between the captain and his comrades. Even the traditional juice dialect got influenced with external language (i.e. "wut", "kk", "cya"). Despite the cultural mix, the crew is preserving its roots as much as possible.

Monkey Arc (November-December)[edit | edit source]

Battle at South Verussi.

The old friend of M4RT3S, xMadMonkeyx, founded a crew with Lucky, called The Laughing Coffin'. It was the first crew to fully agree on the ideal of global peace with no random people killed. A plugin alliance was made for military chat purposes considering the high amount of joint activity against raiders. It was also agreed to end the alliance and replace it with pure friendship as soon as peace was achieved in the world. The Laughing Coffin' later split and xMadMonkeyx created his own crew with CaptainKirn, called Underworld (unofficially, the Banana Pirates). The Juice Pirates started travelling on their galleon again and more projects were completed, such as Mango Bastion, Aqueducts at Marula, the Palace of Coconut Bay, the Kiwi Tower and the reclamation of Pear. Furthermore, Mango Bastion was covered with snow and became their own mini "Christmas warp event". As regards the military field, a fierce conflict was waged strong against the Asylum and Piratequest because of their regrettable plundering activity. In parallel, while at the beginning AppleJK considered the Seagulls a pirate crew of sailors and adventurers and therefore collaborated with them, it was clarified by JamminMas that his crew was no way directed towards global peace and instead was focused on raiding. Hereafter Browe_ recreated his Phantom crew, which attracted several Asylum members. In a subtle way, they tried to keep a good image as ship builders and at the same time "raid every now and then".

Phantom Return Arc (January)[edit | edit source]

First ship battle at Kiwi.

A trend of ship battles had been started by JamminMas with a forum post. AppleJK did not want to take part in a sports game with his enemies. Instead, he would organize his own battles in the Juice Sea with guests he believes deserve a respectful approach. The Phantom crew was then disbanded and recreated a few weeks later. During this period, the Metrojuice was also completed, which allowed fast travel between settlements, and the Kiwi Tower was transformed into a giant clock. Kiwi Gulf became a port and a ship arena at the same time.

Selection Arc (February-May)[edit | edit source]

In February 2017 the captain, AppleJK, mysteriously disappeared. The crew managed at first to advance in its building projects, but issues regarding friendly fire and killing between crewmates were creating high tension and continuous debates. MarcoHero, Batteria_ and francociccio tried to manage the situation with an iron fist. The crew needed guidelines and firm decisions, like Apple used to do. The future was not certain and several people were beginning to prefer external individual bases instead of town communities. After two months of turmoil and indecision, a fraction of the Juice Pirates left the crew and started its own.
Apple returned the same day; he prohibited communication with the fugitives, forced the closure of new external bases, condemned every crewmate killer, provided a list of projects to do and quickly boosted the crew activity. A villager farm was created in Watermelon Dock, a giant wither-powered cobblestone and wood farm was built in Marula, the Apple Cove was finally planned. "The selection is done, the crew is now clean from softies. The ones who did not resist the turmoil of the crew ran away forming a new crew instead of helping its people, which is sad."
Some of the fugitives decided to come back home, after understanding the shame of opportunism and that unity and brotherhood were the greatest values they had lost. A celebration was made in honour to the reunited pirate family, most precious treasure they could have in Piratecraft.
In may 2017 the journey on the Apple Galleon was resumed, heading from Jamaica to the Donor Sea.

Towns[edit | edit source]

The Juice Pirates count 8 towns: Coconut Bay, Watermelon Dock, Pear Pier, Port Banana, Kiwi Gulf, Ananas Fiord, Mango Bastion, Marula Island. One of the basics of the crew life is that nobody can have individual bases. Everyone must live in a settlement of his choice and share farms with his fellow citizens. It is an original and important trait as towns become lively, like old player owned shops, and not ghost monuments. A Juice Town usually has a crew museum, food farms, experience farms, an iron farm, a big smelter, a specific "Wonder" and an information office.

Juice Wonders[edit | edit source]

Every town of the Juice Pirates works on a unique building which becomes their symbol.

Archeology[edit | edit source]

The Juice Pirates are unrivaled lovers of archeology and are protecting several abandoned monuments of Piratecraft.

  • Several 2015 books are owned by AppleJK.
  • The 11th of november 2016, the Juice Pirates claimed Avalor after Kitsune's Rebellion against the Elven Monarchy.
  • In december 2016, the Juice Pirates began to secure the ruins of the Verussian Continent.
  • The 17th of january 2016, the port of Carmory and a netherbrood tower were secured after StingBarry's departure.