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Scarecrow01 is one of the members of the Juice Pirates and he lives in the Dwarf island with Manu7ciotta.

He dedicates himself to engineering, creating various machines using redstone, usually working with MasterM1214 and other redstoners to help his crew reaching the maximum efficiency in terms of getting resources and defending bases.


He came on Piratecraft in 2016, and immediatly joined the Juice Pirates crew. He lives in Mango Bastion, under the Giant Dwarf built by Manu7ciotta. There he started building a huge amount of redstone machines, to keep the base as safe as possible, with the help of Manu7ciaotta and his friends. After a short amount of time, he started creating machines for all of his crewmates, getting aquainted with many other redstoners, like Batteria_ and MasterM1214. Today he spends his time building machines all over the sea, inventing new types of farms and mechanisms, with the help of his crewmates. Recently, he and MasterM1214 have built the first Wither-powered cobblestone farm in the server, and now they are planning to expand this huge industrial plant with new farms and circuits.

By Scarecrow01: Hi, I am Scarecrow01, and my job is to make life a bit easier for my friends! My english isn't perfect, but I'm very friendly! I won't probably attack you in any case, even if you're charging me whit a sword, I will always try the friendly approach.

Personal Informations and Skills:

As you can tell, I'm quite good in terms of redstone, but I am not great in PvP, and this means that I never got a full enchanted armor on this server. I struggle to fight, and that's why my base is so protected that nobody ever managed to raid me and the crewmates I live with. Also, my pc is very bad, and I usually lag a lot in every situation.


He is also involved in the creation of the new piratecraft guns update with Markusi13 and GodsDead.