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Chocolate Man
Joined: 30 May 2016
Crew: Juice Pirates
Position: Watermelon Sailor

MarcoHero is the chocolate man of the Juice Pirates. He lives in Watermelon Dock and is known between his comrades as a wise, good cook.


MarcoHero first joined the 30 of may 2016. He joined the Juice Pirates and settled in Watermelon Dock, where he became one of the major builders of the Skyscraper project. While cultivating a talent for cooking, he became one of the most interested in Piratecraft history between the Juice Pirates, which led to interesting chats with his captain, AppleJK. MarcoHero's favourite history subject is Verussia and because of that he has always had a great relationship with KingRS and WilsonManzer.


  • MarcoHero has never forgot his one and only skeleton horse, Skelly, after its death.
  • His sword is called "Dark Chocolate".
  • While not a superior swordsman, MarcoHero never steps back from a fight and would defend his people even naked.