Port Banana

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Port Banana is a town of the Juice Pirates, located in the Juice Sea near /warp south.



A lighthouse was built in the middle of the canal in april 2016 by leoneinleone and FelixJaeger, which divides the Juice homesea from external lands. FelixJaeger and leoneinleone were sent there by their captain AppleJK because it was a strategic location. The lighthouse was used as a first fort and had its cozy times like Fort Fleb; it was sieged many times in the early days but the inhabitants managed to learn the lesson and improve their defense. Later a wall dividing the canal was built to prevent enemy ships from entering the Juice Sea and then a small port was started next to it. The first plans for the settlement consisted in a town completely made out of sandstone but later stone bricks and clay were chosen instead.


Altough being called Port Banana, there is no actual port due to safety issues. Considering how near /warp south is, the inhabitants were under constant threath because of enemy crews. Raiders were able to rush through the warp and reach the settlement in less than 30 seconds from their base. Therefore the main focus was given to the building of walls, designed by Blu92, which required several mountains to be dug out. The inhabitants of Banana were good people but poor and had to work with stone pickaxes. Once the walls were completed, the first houses were built. They all followed the same design in a true Juice Pirates ideal of equality and friendship. Though raiders were still able to build pillars and jump over the walls because the Bananians were slow to gain enough claimblocks to cover the area around the city.


Eventually the town was secured and the houses were completed using yellow clay and dark oak wood. The town is colourful and full of leaves, which make the settlement cozy and pleasurable for life. Several industries with underground farms are accessible to every citizen and a tavern was built for local parties. The spirit of the inhabitants of Port Banana is bright but strong. They are not great warriors, but manage to resist the enemy and never ask shameful treaties or half measures. The group got used to live inside the small lighthouse, sharing food farms and chests, trusting each other. They later split in separate claims inside the walls, but their community spirit remained strong. The high walls give the feeling of a big safe box. It is not uncommon to see fireworks popping over the city and citizens spending their time togheter on the streets.


When JusaPlayer1 of Piratequest ransacked Port Banana and killed its inhabitants, he went to Blu92 and gave him back a full enchanted diamond pickaxe that he stole from him. Blu92 threw it back on his face, refusing items after being killed and robbed by the raider.