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The Swordsman
Joined: 14 April 2016
Crew: Juice Pirates
Position: Watermelon Sailor
Stats: http://stats.piratemc.com/M4RT3S

M4RT3S is a member of the Juice Pirates. He trains to be the best swordsman of Piratecraft.


M4RT3S is an example of bravery, he launches himself in danger and duels every swordsman that he encounters. He was the first to introduce experience farms and full enchanted armors to the Juice Pirates and fought against the Defenders, GSG9, Templars, Asylum, Phantom. He helped the young xMadMonkeyx in his starting days, which led to a great relationship. On the building side, M4RT3S is known between his comrades for being very untidy. In fact, his spawner room is a mess of heads, chests and blocks, while his villagers run free through the base. M4RT3S loves traveling and has been onboard on almost every trip on the Apple Galleon.


  • Before joining the Juice Pirates, M4RT3S has been a member of the British Empire for a couple of days.
  • M4RT3S has a special combat technique with three swords.
  • M4RT3S mainly works in an experience farm, but his actual mothertown would be Watermelon Dock.