Apple Galleon

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The Apple Galleon is the main ship of the Juice Pirates. It is famous for its long journey around the southern oceans.

Ship planning

Since their birth, the Juice Pirates wanted to explore and travel the world. The ship was designed by MattSworder and AppleJK in june 2016 during the war with Asylum/Templars and it was built by the crew in the natural port of Ananas Fjord. The Apple Galleon was then showcased in a Juice Sea tour and finally piloted to Mango Bastion, where it was officially inaugurated. MarcoHero jumped from the high walls of the bastion and threw mid-air a spashing alcohol bottle that instead of landing on the deck, crashed on the head of a crewmate. The journey officially began when the Apple Galleon crossed the Juice Sea borders, saluting the giant stone dwarf that guards the South. The ship was attacked multiple times and it reached several ancient towns during its voyage. It is currently sailing towards the Delta Tower.

Ship structure

The ship is an indiaman, with almost 5000 blocks. It was designed to be the safest galleon ever built, avoiding the use of soft blocks as much as possible. The hull contains a bunker, a party room with a dining table and a submarine for depths exploration. It is made of obsidian and clay, while the decks are made of wooden logs. Planks are almost absent and the big apple on the ship stern that contains the captain's cabin is made with clay. The big sails are made of wool, but clay was used in the perimeter, so that even though the wool is destroyed in a siege, it is not difficult to fill the gap using the clay perimeter as guide.

Ship Defense

The defense systems and tactics of the Apple Galleon are kept secret and are the result of a long sailing experience.