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Pirate Cyborg
Crew: Juice Pirates
Position: Marula Sailor

Francociccio is the pirate cyborg of the Juice Pirates. He lives in Marula Island and is known between his comrades as a fighter, a builder and especially as a great barman.


Francociccio joined in april 2016. He became a member of the Juice Pirates and first settled on a small island near Apple's cobble box. Francociccio's place was built before the foundation of the Juice Towns and all new members were sent there, which is why the fort was nicknamed "refugees camp". Francociccio later founded Marula Island with MasterM1214.
He has a giant alcohol production station below the Marula Tavern and is considered a professional barman. He took part in several fights against raiders using an axe as weapon.


  • Francociccio was a witness of several paranormal activities in Marula, such as invisible ghosts, undead dogs and mysteryous signs.
  • Francociccio has built an alcohol station even in the Juice Pirates endermen farm.