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The Crew of Solis was born for one purpose: To fight CoV.

Crew Pre-History

Solis was founded by two people, Shay__ and Juiceblox, which are now both inactive. Before they decided to venture off and create a new crew, these two players were in the British Empire. Shay__ was General in the British Empire for one term and he fought CoV on a daily basis. Juiceblox did not hold any government positions within the crew, but he was a great pvper. After a while of the British losing to CoV, Shay and Juiceblox decided to split off and make their own crew, Solis, with it's main and only purpose being to fight CoV.

Disbanding and First Members

Some of the first members were Riverwood202, RaveTheWave, and IceBear89.

After the CoV disbanded due to internal reasons, Solis later disbanded because they had too many allies and no one to fight. Juiceblox quit soon after and Shay__ only stayed for a little bit longer.