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MasterM1214 is a member of the Juice Pirates. He lives in Marula Island and he dedicates himself to engineering.


He joined Piratecraft in april 2016 and settled on an island next to the Apple Cove after joining the Juice Pirates. During the colonization period of the crew, he joined francociccio in the foundation of Marula Island, where he later designed the Marulosseum, which became the first Build of the Month Competition victory of the Juice Pirates.
In september 2016, he built the first villager trading base of the Juice Pirates in Apple Cove, where his crewmates were able to produce fully enchanted tools. MasterM1214 never stopped planning and in late 2016 he was given by the captain a map of a nether subway system. MasterM and the crew transformed it into a reality. The MetroJuice is the most efficient ice transportation system and it allowed a much more dynamic and fast connection between the Juice towns.
MasterM1214 has also designed two Juice enderfarms and is currenly working with other engineers on a Guardian farm. With the help of Scarecrow01, he built a blaze farm and the first fully-automatic Wither-powered stone and wood farm in Marula Island.


  • In the Juice Pirates, he was the first to forge and the first to lose a fully enchanted diamond armor (called Rosalinda) during the Defenders War.