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Joined: 3rd May 2015
Crew: Juice Pirates
Position: Captain

AppleJK is the captain of the Juice Pirates. Known for his map and timeline projects, as well as his radical views against raiders, he used to take great interest in travelling.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Apple first joined in may 2015 and colonized a small island in what was the Iborian Sea. He returned in april 2016 with a group of pirates and began spreading towns and ships around that ocean. AppleJK has never had a truly individual story, he fully dedicated himself to collectivity and his people. His story was his crew story. Everything he did was in name of his crew and the dream of a peaceful world. The source of his success was to always push the crew to high standards and do tasks that nobody in Piratecraft had ever done before, such as their long ship travel or the construction of the Juice Wonders. Apple was often depicted by his enemies as a dictator or a king who brainwashed his crewmates to do what he wanted. It is suggested to read the Juice Pirates history page in order to create your own opinion.
Apple considered neutrality as egoism. He had a position in every debate and took part in all wars. He almost never talked in global chat and preferred the private one.

Anecdotes[edit | edit source]

  • Apple used to say that if he was present at the time of the Verussian Wars, he would have never let Verussia lose.
  • He did not have a real home, apart from a room at Coconut Bay. He constantly moved between the crew towns helping wherever he could.
  • He used to tell stories about old crews and characters of the Piratecraft history to his comrades around a fire. "Knowledge is power" he used to say.