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"The official banner of Endorin"

|- |Alternate names:| Endorien Empire|-|Type:| Kingdom|-|Founded:| June 2015|-|Status:| Active|-| colspan="2" style="text-align:center; border:1px #DCDCDC; background-color:#DCDCDC; font-size:12pt" Town|Statistics|-|King:|HaloBearer98|-

|Builder(s):| Halobearer98, _Elita, Verprutst, Fabul0usGandalf, uk49, agent7841, and the citizens|-|Size| Over 1 million square blocks

The Endorien Federation, is a nation located in the northwest region of the PMC world. With shores on The Anklor Sea to the Northwest, and the capitol overlooking the North Sea to the East, it holds claims on 7 different biomes, an area of approximately 1.3 million square blocks. It has been inhabited on-and-off by its people since c. 2015, and it has a long and troubled history. It is currently ruled by the Endorien Senate, having abandoned monarchy since 29/5/2020

" The map shows the different holds, settlements and locations known to the Government "

History[edit | edit source]

First Age: The Early Days[edit | edit source]

"Eclipse Castle, as seen by Wardocks Bay, c. 2015"

2015[edit | edit source]

  • June 5th: Construction of Eclipse Castle begins.
  • June 18th: The Endorien Empire is born.
  • June 27th: Enduran (Endorin today) is repaired by Elita and Jmoo.
  • June 27th - 29th: First Outlaw War.
  • June 30th: The Gildorien Empire joins the Endorien Empire.
  • August 1st: Whiteridge is built, First Age ends.

Second Age: First Decline[edit | edit source]

2015[edit | edit source]

  • August 14th: First Betrayal. Traitor was caught and slaughtered.
  • Unknown date: The Endorien Empire sinks into Oblivion. The Old City is unkept, and looted clean. End of the Second Age.

Third Age: The Defenders[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

  • April: HaloBearer comes back from Oblivion, construction of Crown Castle begins.
  • Unknown date: HaloBearer creates [CC]: The Defenders. The aim of the crew is to protect the remains of Enduran, their old city, from pillagers and raiders.
  • May 23rd: An ideological war starts against the Juice Pirates, led by AppleJK, a minor Pirate Lord based in the South. The Defenders become attackers, willing to keep the enemy crew from growing. Loot and gear is confiscated from the enemy.
  • June: Halo wins back Whiteridge from Icanra after a legal dispute by paying a large portion of his riches.
  • June 19th: The continuous warfare makes Halo go crazy. From one day to another, he leaves all and falls back into Oblivion, bringing the whole City with him. [CC] falls and no one remains in Endorin to protect it.
  • End of the Third Age.

Fourth Age: the Reborn Endorien Empire[edit | edit source]

On 1st of May 2016 HaloBearer created [REE]: the Reborn Endorien Empire. Since that day, the crew is inhabiting Endorin, taking care of its renovation. Endorism became the adopted economical/political/social strategy, bringing new hope to the old City. Despite being in the aim of many raiders, no significant raids were successfully conducted against the City State since its refoundation.

2016[edit | edit source]

  • 1st May: [REE] : Reborn Endorien Empire is born.

2019[edit | edit source]

  • Endorin begins to rebuild as the people resettle. Raids are slowed to a halt, and the Kingdom moves into peacetime, using it to expand and recover.
  • March 23rd: Blue Guild starts its activity.
  • April: Guilds are dismissed and replaced by the centralized Golden Governament. _Elita falls into Oblivion.
  • End of May: The Endorien Fleet is up and running, thanks to the efforts of Shipbuilders 5gm and Fabul0usGandalf. Halo falls back into Oblivion once more. Verprutst is named Jarl of Jarls. End of Fourth Age.

Fifth Age: The Glory Days[edit | edit source]

2019[edit | edit source]

  • June: Verprutst falls into Oblivion. Granary is unkept and farms trampled. General welfare declines. 5gm leaves, joining the British Empire, an ally of Endorin.
  • First days of July: Halo comes back from Oblivion. SpectralSky98 joins back. Jarl Elita comes back from the Oblivion. Restoration stage begins. Granary restocked, and citizens active again. Gandalf is still in the city, and he builds up the Lighthouse and the Cemetery. Moss Keep is founded in the Southwestern Mosslands, the first expansion inside the borders. Its Chiefs are technoalpha and TheMineToad. The City State of Endorin, owning now lands outside of the Capitol, becomes Kingdom of Endorin.

Alzor is Established on the Anklor Sea in the NorthEastern Mosslands. Its chief is TheDomanreiter. SpectralSky98 sinks into Oblivion.

  • Mid-July: Crown Castle Renovations begin. The Building is entered into the build of the month competition. Multiple problems begin due to land claim technicalities. These are quickly sifted out once Fabul0usGandolf gets on. The Capital slowly gets under an unified claim.
"The Endorin Harbor gives a beautiful silhouette of Castle Polaris (Ancient Eclipse Castle)"

Laws[edit | edit source]

Endorien laws are continuously proposed, voted on and edited by the Senate to deal with any issue that might arise. They are kept by the Chancellor in the apposite discord channel.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Since the proclamation of the first Federation Leader (29/05/2020), crew Senators are able to vote and candidate for said position once every 2 weeks. They also vote for promoting or demoting players and accepting or rejecting building projects. Generally speaking, no decision is taken without first making sure the Senate agrees on it.

The crew leadership is Federation Leader's duty, while many other administrative tasks are handled by the Chancellor.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The Endorien economy is based on Emeralds, which are used as the official currency. All players have access to crop fields: the farmed goods can be traded at granaries for emeralds, which can be spent in the Market District. Shops are open for every citizen to try their luck with trading. Each citizen can buy as many avaiable properties as he wants, to expand his farms, get a fancy mansion or invest in factories.

Culture[edit | edit source]

All the wealth and willpower derived from the continuous clash of the Endorien people with foreign hostile powers. Once the Pirate Lords, nowadays the Raiders, taught the People how to face enemies from a wide skill range; they helped the People create a strong community feeling and taught the Governament about all the possible ways hostiles can harm the City.

It's hard to live in Endorin if you're not good enough to outsmart raiders. Learn from the wiser, trust noone and thrive!

"The more they take, the less we give" - Endorien motto

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