Matron: Cysteen
Nurse: Nahadoth
Nurse: PythonAce
Total Members: 47
Founded: June 13, 2016
Structure: Noocracy
Character: Medically Insane
Allies: viper, CoV, STLGD, BLC, Heart, TWD, XENIA, Cove, Vern, Chai, OotS, XD, Law, TOX, Magra, Wind
Rivals: Apple, POP, horse, N00T, PLANT, Mh, Mafia, Rev, DO1, Lone, TBPC, DEK, trj, DELTA, CLTN

A crew headed by the hardworking Ward Staff, who are respected builders and server veterans, whom are all 'patients' of the Asylum respectively.


The Asylum came along after the CoV War, when Cysteen was trying to hold her crumbling crew together. A few months after CoV fell, Cysteen decided to make a new crew with some of her new friends which she met on the PirateCraft Teamspeak. Some of the first members to join were Jmoo12086, PythonAce, Silverstone47, and Astrobolt. The Asylum became a wealthy and elite crew fast with all the powerful veteran players joining.

The crew took part in the Horsia Wars and the Forsaken War.

Around the middle of the Horsia Wars, due to war policy conflicts, some of the older PvP veteran players split off from TAS to form their own crew, the Coalition. Since then, the two crews have had increasingly tense relations. The Coalition and The Asylum have become allies again recently.


  • TAS Sea
  • TAS Northern Outpost
  • Evermoor
  • Squid Fact: Musically gifted squids get sent to Nepal at a young age to learn the way of the zebra and elephant.

Hospitalised Active PatientsEdit

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