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Alternate names: n/a
Type: City and previous Capital of Elven Empire
Affiliation(s): Elven Empire, CoV, The Asylum (current)
Founded: 2014
Status: Largely inactive
Mayor: Cysteen
Population: 0
Builder(s): Reptaria
Industry/Purpose: Capital city
Size ~70,000 blocks
Coordinates: ?

Evermoor, the pirate city of "TAS" previously CoV. Located in the South West Ocean.

Previous prime Capitol of the Elven Empire. Current city of the Pirate Kings known as The Asylum.

History[edit | edit source]

This City was first built in early September of 2014 and from then its adventure had started. This city which has been ruled and always ruled by the elves is still being ruled to this day as the city flourishes in its divine architecture and outstanding citizenship. Evermoor was home to the elves including the royal family.

Slowly over the months wars and uprising in the kingdom began and the king and queen knew they needed to make more settlements. Weeks of building and now the small Elven kingdom that was not known is now an thriving empire. The king was assassinated due to a British Spy leaving the queen to rule these lands alone. The Princess KarimNaba has soon took off to her own destiny and became one of the most feared pirates in the land and stayed that way for a very long time.

With the queen by herself tensions with the British Empire started to rise again and she started finding more and more guards arresting British spies. She knew something was wrong. She talked to the vice prime minister Michal_Tylric and the Prime minister was on vacation at this time. He said that there would be no more spies to occur again.

Months later a cry of help came from a landowner Andy and he cried "British ships are here please come help" As the queen left her city with an army of elves they found to only see Mich and British warships in Andys harbor. "You entered armed soldiers and warships into our territory is an act of war." cried the Queen. "Your landowner Andy attacked British settlements" said calmly Mich. Andy took out his bow and stood next to the queen and her army. He was prepared to accept his sentence. She moved him out of her way walking up to the ship. "You should have talked to me before coming into our land we could have handled Andy" said the queen in a rude way. "Your majesty Andy will be dealt with." said Mich The queen stood there slowly and demanded he move his ships from the harbor.

British ships moved back to port royal and port hope to the east and the people in the city were outraged. Andy was placed in prison for 5 weeks until his release. The Queen and the council made a decision that war was the only option. She declared internationally 3 days after the event a declaration of war on the British Empire. She then started to evacuate all people in all cities to there provinces to the south. Mirkwood and Lorien. War started and non stop attacks hit the city with elvish troops not giving up. Allies coming to support us the queen looks out of the tower in the middle of battle not only to see Andy and an army of farmers and blacksmiths came charging through the gate of the city to fight for there queen.

To the east she sees her Princess ride in and attack British forces where Mich was at. She had no stop to it fighting off all in her way with her crew she rode yelling for the empire. Though she lost 3 good friends that day she did not hesitate to protect the city and family she loved.

"Charge!" yelled the queen and the men's moral began to rise driving back British forces, there ships had been destroyed by elvish cannons entering the harbor. "Large explosions roared in the city and all elves stop the charge not only to see Locknload a "supporter" of the elvish cause, bombing the city, and troops shot lock and drove British troops out of the city. The invasion of Evermoor had been halted British supply lines cut off and the elvish guards and citizens came to a stop. "Our city is lost... but we did not loose this battle" Evermoor the once thriving city was lost. Months later the British empire requested peace and the elves accepted. The war ended and the elves were now relocated to a new home. Mirkwood.

Evermoor is now rebuilt and stronger than ever after being taken back by the Elves, but now is the capital pirate city of The Asylum previously Crusaders of the Void.

Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Roughly 15 houses for 25 members
  • Large walls
  • Small dock for a few trading vessels

Legacy[edit | edit source]

It is considered the last big stronghold of the old Elven Empire from 2014, and is preserved for that reason.

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