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SpikyCactus_ currently is a Privateer, Sea Artist, and Quartermaster. He has devoted himself to helping the server thrive, hence why he decided to join the media team. As of 02/14/2020, Spiky is enjoying his extended stay in the Asylum.


SpikyCactus_ started his PirateCraft journey in mid-2018 under the name Gamer_2105. For approximately 4 months, he was a highly-respected member of the crew Dawgs, and eventually worked his way up to being a leader. After awhile, he began to get bored of Dawgs, so he began his own adventure and set out to create the Dominion Of Canada.His big dream never really panned out, and he quickly became inactive. He was inactive for approximately 4-5 months and then he came back to join BE. Spiky enjoyed BE, he quickly ranked up and became their Foreign Secretary, but then left to join HI - he was looking to establish himself as a successful businessman. Spiky only ended up staying in HI for a day or two, and quickly got invited to be a leader in MelonIsNotAFruit's crew; the infamous Python. It didn't take long for Spiky to join TAS, where he enjoyed chilling with hisinsane friends. That little time in TAS didn't last long, even though he loved it there, he was kidnapped once again by SjIsNotAFruit, MelonIsNotAFruit, and WaterPool, after they wanted him to help them build DD. Just like before, Spiky once again was kidnapped by Cysteen, where he was welcomed back to TAS.


Over his time in PMC, Spiky has made both friends, and enemies. Often, he can be seen working alongside his friend, lazydog11. His residency in TAS came with the major benefit of new friends, he sometimes can be seen enjoying different minigames with his new friends. Spiky also tasks himself with building ships of multiple different eras, with modern ships being his preferred type; see Cactus Shipbuilding Co.

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