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Nahadoth is a co-leader of The Asylum alongside Cysteen.

He is a veteran player who joined in 2014 under a different name, and was a member of the Verussian Empire. He owned the city of South Verussi which was devastated in a series of sieges. After his crew became inactive, Nahadoth took a rest from the server until he rejoined in 2017. He soon became friends with Markusi, eventually getting kidnapped into The Asylum. He now spends his time building the Candy Kingdom alongside Cysteen. Nahadoth has participated in maybe one true PvP battle but is primarily a builder. His strongest means of attack is the many traps and systems he builds around his base for fun.

He is currently a leader in The Asylum and is the leader for many of the crew builds. He is known as the dirty minded redstone nerd for his need to play with all things redstone, and his constant state of mind being in the gutter.