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In-game Skin
Date Joined: July 2015
Crew: The Asylum (Leader)
Rank: Quartermaster, Craftsman

Cysteen is a long-term member of the PirateCraft community.

Known currently for her building skills and large amounts of money, she has belonged to subsequent powerful pirate crews. Cysteen has stuck her name in the PirateCraft history books firmly, taking part in a many raids and conflicts throughout the years of her player presence. Cysteen used to PvP but she retired to become a builder and to focus on economy.

She is currently a leader of The Asylum.

Crew History[edit | edit source]

C.I.A World Fact File Facts about Cysteen[edit | edit source]

  • Do you think Cysteen sounds like cistern? Their name always reminds me of cistern... cistern is the water storage tanks of a toilet by the way if you did not know. -Palmerageddon