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Early Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Ketoh first joined the British Empire, but was forced out by then-pirate Unic0rnJunk101. He then ran to the Elven Empire, and under Reptaria (Castalina) was declared a prince to the throne. However after much time, Ketoh left the Elves to join KingKarim and Red Lotus, a small but violent crew who robbed and PvPed with other crews. During that time, he also met CaptainCrackerz and Gottalovepunks, whom he would be with to this current day. Alas, KingKarim was banned, and he joined the British once again.

The British 2017[edit | edit source]

Having been a member of over a year. he was appointed Chief of Police by BGraph, under the Prime Minister Bislo1 and VPM Lawzoneon. However, Lawzoneon had resigned, and CaptainCrackerz took his place. Bislo1 was inactive for most of his duty, so CaptainCrackerz was the assumed Prime Minister.

Current Day[edit | edit source]

To this day, Ketoh is a leader of The Coalition. He runs it along with his friends, and is a Major in the crew. The most notable ally of CLTN is The Royal Italian Army (TRIA). As of September, 2018. Ketoh abused his powers to spawn in 9.1 Million Dollars of in game cash over a course of two years. He was banned for this along with many of his friends.