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Astrobolt Full.png
Date Joined: December 10, 2015
Crew: The Narwhal Syndicate
Rank: Firstmate
Residence: Mesa Basa

Astrobolt is a well-established, long-term player who is the sole member of the Narwhal Syndicate. His main base is Mesa Basa. He also rents a house in London.



United States Empire

Astrobolt first joined PirateCraft on December 10, 2015. After a few days, he was invited to the crew United States Empire. For over a month, he endured countless raids and attacks on Decky Town - USE's capital. After getting tired of this, he made a large base in the main ocean, about 500 blocks south of cove. Shortly after building it, dagersh, a very powerful player, made him move.


Being in immense debt and owing gratitude to dagersh, Astrobolt became dagersh's pet noob. Astrobolt would eventually acquire a skeleton spawner from dagersh, and upon dagersh's request, named it "dagersh's bone lounge."

Rise To Fame


After several months of being in his own one person crew, Astrobolt was invited to Solis by RaveTheWave. He stayed in the crew for several months, until Konstruktor quit PirateCraft, which Solis partially contributed to.


Only a few days after leaving Solis on his own terms, Astrobolt was invited to Khaos by souldin1. Khaos was a crew that several members of CoV joined after CoV disbanded. For several weeks, Astrobolt stayed in Khaos until Cysteen made the Asylum, which Astrobolt was quickly invited to.

The Asylum

Astrobolt was one of the first people to join the Asylum. He remained in the crew for several months. During this time, several crew members of the Asylum, including Jmoo12086, helped convince Astrobolt that he needed a new base. It was then that Astrobolt got rid of his box in the ocean and made an underground base in the mesa near dagersh's town. Unfortunately, there were internal conflicts such as stealing, killing, and ignorance, which eventually forced Astrobolt to leave the crew.

Pirate Era

Piratequest and Browe_

After leaving the Asylum, Astrobolt temporarily joined Piratequest. Shortly afterwards, Browe_ and Astrobolt made a crew called Meat Beaters Anonymous. (the crew name is an inside joke) Yet again, Browe_ and Astrobolt made a new crew called Phantom with Galaxy219.


Phantom, a pirate crew, was designed to use ships frequently and have an island base. Taking advantage of the ships theme and a popular song, Astrobolt created a narwhal ship. It was during this time that Astrobolt became one of the most infamous ship thiefs in PirateCraft. By utilizing siege mechanisms and builder oversights, he, along with several other members of Phantom, were able to steal several ships from ae0's island along with other ships from various bases across the server. Shortly after the crew was made, Astrobolt left and disbanded the crew due to internal conflicts.

Idle Period

Donald J. Trump

After disbanding Phantom, Astrobolt was left crewless. Astrobolt then made the the crew [TRUMP] Donald J. Trump, which has been disbanded. While in the crew, Astrobolt destroyed Browe_'s prized ship, the Phantom Sovereign, due to other players provoking him. The ship was eventually rebuilt by Maximus_Terragon and SnapCrackPlays. It was soon stolen by Maximus_Terragon. Astrobolt eventually disbanded the crew to join the British Empire.

The British Empire

Astrobolt joined the British Empire in the fall of 2017. He left after several weeks due to conflicts involving several other crews.

Viet Kong and La Famiglia

After leaving the British Empire, Astrobolt joined Viet Kong. xMadMonkeyx disbanded the crew soon afterwards to make thew crew [Mafia] La Famiglia. Astrobolt left soon afterwards due to internal conflicts.

The Narwhal Syndicate

After not being in a crew for several weeks, Astrobolt created the crew [NRWHL] The Narwhal Syndicate. The Narwhal Syndicate's mission is currently top secret. Due to the crew's secretive nature, Astrobolt was the only member. After the crew was disbanded so that Astrobolt could rejoin the British Empire, the Narwhal Syndicate became even more secretive. Its current status is not available to the public.

The British Empire

Astrobolt rejoined the British Empire in early 2018. After several months, Astrobolt left to join the Coalition.

The Coalition

After being in the British Empire for several months, Astrobolt left to join the Coalition. He was invited by Kettoh. After several days in the crew, NadolfPickler kicked Astrobolt while he was offline and for no good reason. Astrobolt was later invited to Black Wake by DriftingSixGuns. During his time in Black Wake, DriftingSixGuns killed Astrobolt for no reason at all. Astrobolt soon rejoined the Coalition. He left again to once more join the British Empire, which he left soon afterwards.

Dealer's Deck

After leaving the British Empire, Astrobolt requested that _Freke_ invite him to Dealer's Deck. _Freke_ invited him and soon afterwards promoted him to leader. After several weeks, Astrobolt left the crew due to conflicts of interest with members of the Asylum, which unallied Dealer's Deck shortly after Astrobolt joined. Astrobolt then remade [NRWHL] The Narwhal Syndicate as a one person crew. After several weeks, Astrobolt was reinvited to the Asylum.

Return to Prominence

The Asylum

After his long absence from the Asylum, Astrobolt was reinvited. He later left due to enemies becoming allies, internal crew conflicts, and some of the other crew members having a lack of even the most basic respect for him.

House Indoril

After leaving the Asylum, Astrobolt joined dagersh's and Elo106's crew, House Indoril. He left shortly afterwards due to being reinvited to TAS.

The Asylum

After his short stint in House Indoril, Astrobolt was reinvited to TAS by Nahadoth. Astrobolt left the crew shortly afterwards due to internal conflicts.

Blockade On The Narwhal HQ

Astrobolt rejoined TAS on cautious terms from both himself and the crew. The crew leaders decided to set up a blockade in front of the Narwhal HQ, cutting it off from crew resources. Astrobolt, using the vast research and technological capabilities of AstroTech R&D, was able to find a way around this blockade and once again be connected to crew resources. While the crew resources were indeed important, Astrobolt's actions were for the most part to prove a point. They proved that Astrobolt is just as capable, if not more capable than anyone else in the crew and will use any means necessary to accomplish any goal, no matter how impossible it may seem.

The Narwhal Syndicate

After leaving the Asylum, Astrobolt once again made his own crew called the Narwhal Syndicate, which he remained in until he was banned.


The Narwhal Syndicate

On February 26, 2022, Astrobolt was unbanned. His current goals are to return Mesa Basa to its former glory, and to reestablish the dominance of the Narwhal Syndicate.

Ship Battles

First Era

The Battle on the High Seas

On December 27, 2016, JamminMas hosted the server's first major ship battle. The Phantom Narwhal was with the crew Phantom which Astrobolt was a part of at the time. Unfortunately, poor records were kept of the battle, so few details are available, however Phantom did win.

The First Battle of Ship Wreck Isle

Hosted in early 2017 by Browe_, (the exact date was not recorded) this was the first battle at the new Ship Wreck Isle, built by Browe_ and NickyB_123. Astrobolt was in Phantom, which once again showed its naval power and proved victorious.

The Second Battle of Ship Wreck Isle

Also hosted in early 2017 by Browe_, (the exact date was not recorded) this was the second battle to be held at Ship Wreck Isle. Phantom maintained its dominance and won yet again. At the time, Astrobolt was still in Phantom.

Freeport Era

The First Battle of Freeport

On October 28, 2017, Astrobolt brought the Phantom Narwhal into battle. It was dealt severe damage early on and quickly disabled.

The Second Battle of Freeport

On November 4, 2017, Astrobolt brought the Phantom Narwhal into battle again. This time, it proved victorious. After command was given to Nationalistic, (more commonly known as TheSmilingFlea) the Phantom Narwhal disabled the Teletub and won the battle.

The Fourth Battle of Freeport

On November 26, 2017, after being absent from the Third Battle of Freeport, (since it was ships only and submarines were not allowed) the Phantom Narwhal returned. Early in the battle, the Phantom Narwhal took heavy damage from tnt. The battle was quickly stopped by Maximus_Terragon, but the damage had already been done. The supply chest was blown up and the Phantom Narwhal was heavily damaged. An inadequate amount of time was given for repairs, so when the battle resumed, the Phantom Narwhal did not stand a chance. However, the crew still put up a tremendous effort and inflicted heavy damage on the Telesub. The Phantom Narwhal was ultimately defeated.

The Seventh Battle of Freeport

On April 7, 2018, Astrobolt returned to ship battles. After skipping two battles to to rule changes, he came to spectate. Near the halfway point, Maximus_Terragon offered to let Astrobolt join the Teletub as it joined the battle. Astrobolt agreed and the Teletub finished the battle tied for victory with three other ships.

The Eighth Battle of Freeport

On May 26, 2018, exactly since months since the last ship battle that the Phantom Narwhal participated in, Astrobolt returned and ended his boycott on battles organized by Maximus_Terragon. At the end of the battle, four ships, including the Phantom Narwhal, remained. The winner was decided by which ship had the most blocks remaining at the end. The Phantom Narwhal emerged victorious with 93.4% of blocks remaining. This was the last scheduled Battle of Freeport.

Battle Bay Era

The First Battle of Battle Bay

On August 18, 2018, the first ship battle in Maximus_Terragon's new arena took place. In classic Astrobolt style, he brought the Phantom Narwhal. Accompanying him as the crew were BlackShadow969, Dark_101, MinisterMoo, and OmegaVenom1. Ultimately, they finished in second place. The battle was well fought given the new rules, new Narwhal, and new arena.


Astrobolt started as a Deckhand. Quickly, he progressed to Cadet rank. After several more weeks, Astrobolt ranked up to Sailor. When ranking up to Carpenter, his most difficult task was collecting 60 xp levels. Gunner rank had a similar requirement of 80 xp levels. Ranking up to Boatswain was the hardest. It required 100 xp levels, along with 30 days of playtime and other requirements. But after about 8 and a half months of hard work and dedication, Astrobolt finally did it. On November 28, 2016, Shark_Nado donated for Astrobolt to get Lieutenant rank. This was the first time Astrobolt got a donator rank, having reached the highest possible non-donator rank already. After being auto-deranked to Sailor when his donation expired, Astrobolt quickly worked to become Boatswain once again. On June 22, 2018, _Freke_ donated for Astrobolt. This was the first time Astrobolt had been Captain rank. (excluding when GodsDead promoted Astrobolt to Captain for 5 minutes for testing purposes) During his time as Captain, Astrobolt was promoted to Privateer Rank (staff helper/chat mod) for a 2 week trial period. He was the first player to be chosen for the new helper role of Privateer. Astrobolt also ranked up to Firstmate then - the second-highest non-donator rank in the new ranking system. After his 2 week trial as Privateer expired, he was quickly reinstated permanently. However, in early October of that year he was removed from the Privateer rank for unknown reasons.