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Date Joined: 17 May 2015
Residence: Fort Florence
Crew: RoP
Rank: Quartermaster, Portmaster
Wiki Bot Kills: 28

Lego, also known as POTATQ, is one of the most well known players to ever set foot in PirateCraft. He joined in mid May 2015, and left his legacy for people to admire.

Known for his charm, popularity, and rich history of crews, Lego remains the only person to have been permanently banned twice (before 2017), and be subsequently unbanned due to exceptional circumstances.


The first era

Lego was born as the son of CrazyPirate, and an unknown mother. By becoming a member of the Elven Empire early on, and quickly realizing his potential, Reptaria adopted him as his mother. Within his younger years, he climbed to the highest ranks within the Elven Empire, eventually becoming a leader alongside Reptaria.

One day, he and CrazyPirate were to go and raid a distant pirate camp located in some woods, claimed to be the hideout of the infamous KingKarim, leader of Red Lotus. It had turned dark, and the camp was set alight and burnt for 3 days. However, during this he got caught up in a burning house. Burning trees and debris fell on the house causing it to collapse, but Lego escaped into the woods.

Search efforts were carried out but to no avail. Believed to be dead by the Elves, they left him. Lego fell asleep under a tree, but was woken by the sound of a sword being drawn. King Karim had discovered him and took him in, not knowing who he was, or his involved in the burning of his hideout.

Lego was trained by Karim to master the sword, and to show authority. He was invited into Red Lotus, and quickly became a leader of it along with Elexandre and Karim himself. Once his training was completed, Lego decided it was time to move on and create his own crew; the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire grew quickly. Many friends of Lego's left their old crews and joined what seemed to be the new superpower to rival the British and Elven Empires. Shocked to here Lego still alive, both Empires quickly rushed to meet Lego and negotiate alliances. These were successful, and the Ottoman Empire entered the League of Nations. Lego started building and expanding his own underwater base, including a submarine; Sharknado. The Ottoman Empire gained a new capital; Port Terragon (now Port of Xenia), which thanks to good relations with the Elves hosted the July Elven Ball in its ballroom.

But Lego was becoming impatient, and had previously received 3 warnings for various raid related glitching or being rude. In mid August 2015, pirates believed to be from the 0utlaws rigged his private ship in an assassination plot. It was successful in blowing a huge hole in the ship, causing it to sink quickly. Lego, having just received a 4th warning for glitching, was believed to have perished along with his ship, and was subsequently banned.

The second era

In January 2016, there were the first calls for Lego to be unbanned. He was already pretty popular, contributing regularly to the British Empire forums and considered himself apart of them. In late January, even more people started to request his unbanning, with success. After about 5 months absence, Lego was unbanned. The British, excited by the news invested heavily into new technologies to raise his ship and recover his body. Using various old seaman chants, witchcraft, and alchemy, Lego was revived and officially joined the British Empire.

In the British Empire, he was extremely popular, receiving an honorary status of 'Lead Protector of Port Hope (warp trade)'. He became the Chief of Police, and was responsible for combating crimes and issuing passports to visitors of the town. In one heroic effort, he helped protect the British Empire from the attacking crew, CoV. During his later years in the British Empire, he led many successful raids against people and enemies of the empire, and was also responsible for taking down ultracreeper.

As a side duty, he was hired by the British Empire to spy on rival large crews in order to keep the British informed about possible plots against the Empire.

However, since his unbanning he was on very thin ice, being the first player to ever be unbanned by GodsDead. Lego was involved in some sort of issue whereby he broke one of the rules. While traveling to his police office one morning, he was assaulted and subsequently assassinated by a group of rogues ordered by the admin CallieMav. Lego was banned once again.

The third era

In early 2018, several former friends of Lego wished for their friend to somehow return. Several members of TAS started researching into alchemy, and discovered a way to bring back Lego from the dead.

His remains were located in a barrel of 'Quayside Vodka'; a traditional vodka brand sold throughout the British Empire, his body having been hastily put there by his murderers to conceal the body. This had the side effect of almost perfectly preserving his body, despite it being almost 2 years old. The group of alchemists managed to locate and recover Lego's remains, and sucessfully brought Lego back from the dead.

However, the prolonged exposure to vodka had caused Lego's heart to fail shortly after the ritual due to the concentration of vodka left in his veins. The decision was made to replace his heart with a potato, in order to pump the weird vodka blood around his body. We don't quite know how it worked, but it did, and Lego went on to live a happy and permanently drunk life. A side effect this has caused is that Lego smells very strongly of 'Quayside Vodka' and potatos leading to his nickname 'POTATQ'.

The forth era

In late 2019, Lego founded the crew Republic of Promethea.

Current Projects

Rumours say, Lego is still searching for a replacement potato heart, as ridiculous as that sounds.

Additional Notes

The Unbanning

To this day, Lego remains the only player to have received 4 warnings, be banned, and then be unbanned due to popular demands before the 2017 era. Unfortunately, he was re-banned after only 2-3 weeks.

The Second Unbanning

He came back again after some people in CLTN and TAS used alchemy to bring him back.


After both of Lego's bans, artifacts belonging to him were being sold on the black market for hundreds of pounds. Such artifacts include his private bow, his heads, and a book signed by him. However, many of the artifacts were destroyed or lost following the destruction of SeconDeath's vault (who had bought a large pile of items).

Items that were previously Lego's, such as his head or a signed book, were estimated at several hundreds of pounds, and are very rare.

The Legacy

Lego left behind a lasting legacy, whether people liked it or not. Not only are artifacts previously his being sold, but memorials and statues have been built in his honour.

3rd Unbanning

He's been unbanned again, due to popular support- is somewhat his very 'last chance'.

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