The Cove

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The Cove
The Cove from the Crows Nest
PirateCraft The Cove, Badge

The Cove is the Server Capital Of PirateCraft, you can find server shops, spawnable ships & tutorials at The Cove. This is the only PVP free area apart from spawn and is located at x:-1260 z:345.

How do I get to The Cove?

  • To quickly get to The Cove use /warp cove

If you prefer to waste hunger bars, you can:

  • Travel from /spawn you can follow the Aqueduct that will have an automated barge to take people to The Cove.
  • Follow the paths north out of spawn and follow the signs to The Cove.
  • Use the train station north out of spawn, follow the paths until you reach the Giant tree, the train station is inside this.
  • Navigate to x:-1260 z:345

Facilities at The Cove

We have an ever expanding range of server facilities at The Cove to take advantage of, this area is also PVP free so its fit for trading.

Ship Shop

Here you can buy item kits to build your own ships.

Cannons Shop

Buy cannon kits to build your own cannons.

Rusty Keg - Pub

Buy ye grog here! The Rusty Keg also teaches you how to create a brewery and brew your own grog.

Town Center

In the Town center you can repair enhanced custom items for a price, its also the home of the Deed Office, which doubles as GodsDeads office. The Town center hosts The Cove builders storage rooms and Cove Shop storage rooms. There are 2 more floors that are empty and will soon host a small armoury.

Witch Hut

Be aware of the witch, if she's in a good mood you may be able to trade with her.

Wood Shop

Earn some money by selling Logs to The Cove wood shop, all materials are used to build more of The Cove.

Diamond Jackpot Machine

Like to gamble? Try your hand at the diamond jackpot machine!

Spawnable Ships

Want a pre-made ship fast? Follow the big docks at The Cove to reach the docks to spawn a pre-made ship, or use /warp ships to get here fast!

The Chapel

Repent one's wrongdoing at the Chapel, If you're luck you may spot Bishop Harry_mason2.

Coughing_Dogs Shop & Rooms

Coughing_Dogs shop is permanently closed, It stands as a memorial to Coughing_Dogs time on PirateCraft.

Cove Secrets

There are 3 hidden areas at The Cove to try and find!