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Rivvur also known as Riverwood202, has been a long-term veteran player on the server for over 5 years. She is an on-off player, but has had multiple severe offenses and run-ins with the law. She is an avid builder and respected among most of the community.

B r u h

The squid mating call translates to “bruh”.


Former Crews

In-Depth History

She started off playing mid-late 2015 with her friend Shay__ (now inactive) and spent her early days in the British Empire. She then joined the crew Delta with SeconDeath and Shay__ at the time and stayed until it was disbanded and SeconDeath was banned. After that, Rivvur then joined Creed with Shay__, EmperorLew, and Charlee17, and stayed there for a while until it's disbanding. A few months after The Crusaders Of the Void was founded, she then joined Solis as one of the first members after her friends Shay__ and Juicebloks founded the crew, then later became a leader. Solis later disbanded. After Solis disbanded, Chailey and Browe_ then founded Templar and she joined and played a role in the Templar War, fighting BE and APPLE who joined late. She fought against Shay__, Turkeyman11a, CaptainCrackerz and also fought a few APPLE and other BE members. After the end of the Templar War, Chailey and Browe_ starting having some conflicts within the crew so Browe_ left to form his own crew Phantom. Phantom brought some of the powerful BE members and Templar members together, and lasted for a little while. After Phantom, she then spent a little time in the Elven Empire with Reptaria and became good friends. Around a month later, she had been hanging out on the PirateCraft Teamspeak with Cysteen and others, then became decent friends. Cysteen around that time then founded The Asylum, an elite crew. Rivvur then joined the crew and stayed there for a good couple months. After a few months of TAS, she then moved to Vegapunk Science (VPS) with some of her friends. Lawzoneon was the founder of this crew, and it lasted for around a month. She then moved back to TAS and stayed there for a while. After having some conflicts inside TAS and not liking the direction the crew was going, she left with KetohPie, The_Network, JoeDanger_, and Cappur to form The Coalition. The Coalition (CLTN) was a new crew that took a different approach on self-governing and formed an aristocracy for old powerful players and friends. There were leaders in the crew, but at the same time everyone rules and has a say. While Rivvur was in the crew, she received a temp-ban for a month for lying to staff and building a statue too close to another claim. Three days after her ban, she was then un-banned by admins as there was a communication problem, so they decided she should not have been banned. She was also banned for another major crime against the sever which involved the forgery of money, but she was unbanned on January 30th, 2020 after a year off. Rivvur left the Coalition eventually. She then help fund and found Saturn, but left shortly after to become a founder of Ares. She moved to Horsia for the memes and wasn't very active in the crew. After Horsia, she moved to Mafia with Cappur. River then left Mafia to join Hope, but was spammed with invites from Lego and joined RoP for a short amount of time. She later left RoP and joined Hope and became a leader along side Curlyy and Cappur.

Funny Moments and Related Wiki Pages

  • A funny moment in her history was when her friends in Solis/BE tried to get her married to Steintod unknowingly, also known as Rivvur's Marriage Experience.
  • A related forum page is Havanna, which is the history of one of Rivvur's islands in 'her' unnamed ocean. A lot of her bases are in this area.
  • The forum page for the old crew The Coalition is involved in Rivvur's history significantly.

Notable Bases

Rivvur has had many bases across her time, and here are a few:

Wars and Accomplishments

Participation in Wars

PirateCraft Accomplishments

  • She owned 2 Elytras. (1 Sold, other lost).
  • During the Horsia War, she made 50,000 pounds in 2 months from selling potions at her shop.
  • She has owned almost every custom event weapon or item prior to 2018.
  • She has over 50 days play time.