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Date Joined: 26 May 2015
Residence: Port of Xenia
Crew: Xenia
Rank: Quartermaster, Vice Admiral

Xeron (aka Maximus_Terragon) is a member of the staff team and server admin. He is most known for hosting the server ship battles, his shipbuilding, and being Godsdead's secretary. He received the rank of housewright, moderator, and admin in 2017 in quick succession. In 2018 he was symbolically 'promoted' to be Godsy's secretary, requiring him to wear a short skirt during his duty. After Godsdead and Iamthereaper89 (upon his return), he is essentially third in command.

Server wise, he is the founder of the Xenon Empire, The Xanthian Order, and later Xenia - all reasonably established crews. Since becoming admin, he has retired from participating in server drama to focus more on moderation and development.


An avid builder, some of his most known structures are the Port of Xenia; one of the largest ports on the server, the Grand Ballroom; host of the Royal Elven Ball, and the Xenon Tower; one of the tallest towers on the server (was demolished in January 2018). He also has a large collection of ships, which can be visited at any time.

He is credited with the design and building of spawn, many of the server's ships at warps, rebuilding cove, hosting the server ship battles and building of the arena, designing and testing of the crates and their drops, creation of over half of the server's brews, creation of several new cannons and projectiles, hosting of the two BoTMs in 2018, the organisation of the staff team, as well as creating/developing the configs for many of the server's plugins including cannons, crates, xmas and halloween events, brewing, and chat messages.


Early Days

Xeron joined the server in early 2015, and soon after founded Port Terragon. Lego helped him out early on, lending resources and helping rid his port of pirates. He joined Red Lotus alongside Lego, before briefly joining the 0utlaws.

Xeron eventually settled in the newly founded Ottoman Empire, with Lego as its leader. His port was named the Ottoman capital. In July 2015, the annual Elven ball was held at the port, but turned into a bloodbath after the 0utlaws attacked.

Xenon Empire

He left the Ottoman Empire after a couple of months, before joining the Luteus Republic briefly, and eventually founding his own empire; the Xenon Empire. Once again he proclaimed his port the capital, and all nearby land under his control.

In late July 2015, the Verussian Empire annexed nearby Elven land, and subsequently became a neighbour to the Xenon Empire. Friction started when Verussian officials threatened to annex Xenon land, and turn Port Terragon into a colony. The Verussian Empire at the time also had issues with other nations in the League of Nations (back then named 'The Allied'). Xeron appeal to the League of Nations for help, and his empire was invited to join. Within a week, war was declared and the First Verussian War began.

The war ended after a couple of weeks with the surrender of the Verussians. The Xenon Empire gained a large amount of land, and Xeron saw to populate that land with new members. During this period the Xenon Empire grew rapidly reaching over 60 members. He hired Lord_Akley_VII as a butler and personal adviser, and renamed Port Terragon to the Port of Xenia.

Renewed troubles with the Verussian Empire led to the Cold War and subsequent arms race between many nations. The Xenon Tower was constructed during this period, as were more defences and walls around the port, hugely increasing its size. In early March 2016, war broke out once more and the Second Verussian War began. The war ended after a week.

The Xanthian Order

The Xenon Empire had become very inactive by mid 2016, with only Xeron and Lord Akley remaining. The decision was made in late 2016 to merge the Xenon Empire with the Templars, and later the Iborian Empire and Luteus Republic, thus creating The Xanthian Order. Xeron remained emperor of his original crew, but also declared himself Supreme Master of the new crew.

The crew later merged with the Elven Empire after Xeron 'married' Reptaria of the Elves. A low point in his career as he recounted. The merger was short lived, and the Elves became independent once more. By mid 2017, the crew had once more become inactive, and Xeron left in October 2017.


Xeron, now a server admin, largely retired from server on-goings, focusing more on building a new port, moderation, event hosting, and configs. The old Port of Xenia was regened, and a new larger port was founded in the nearby bay aiming to be the largest port on the server. It is estimated to be completed by early 2020.

Additional Notes

Ship Battles

Although not the first to host a server-wide ship battle (that credit goes to Browe), he has popularised them and still hosts them. As of July 2018, he has hosted 15 battles, with overall large numbers of players participating. A new arena was constructed for the revival of ship battles, which was finished in August. Main page: Server Ship Battles.


Xeron is credited with designing the majority of ships the server sells at various warps. He has built over during his time on the server, selling most of his ships privately. Some of his latest ships are on display at his port, or can be seen in his plot on /hub. Ping him a message in-game if you want to visit.

Among his most prized possessions is the Phantom Sovereign; a historic pirate ship, The Raven; flagship of Raven Pirates, and XNS Centaurus; a historically accurate 74-gun ship of the line that can be sailed. All of his ships are denoted 'XNS', meaning 'Xenian Navy Ship'.

Server building projects

He joined the building team in secrecy in mid 2015, only revealing to be one of the main builders when he received the rank of housewright in early 2017. During his time as builder and eventually the build team leader, he has rebuilt cove, designed and built both spawn and the new ship battle arena, and is credited with designing many of the server's ships.

Previous Titles

Although he has retired from taking part in server conundrums and only builds and staffs, he has nevertheless acquired several titles over the years. These include:

  • Emperor of the Xenon Empire
  • Supreme Master of the Xanthian Order
  • Port Master of the Ottoman Empire
  • King of the Elves
  • Port Master of Xenia (current title)

Crew History