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Joined: 28th. May 2014
Crew: British Empire
Position: Former Prime Minister
The British Empire
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The Union Jack
BE Commonwealth of Nations Flag Four Stars 07.02.2016.png
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Leader: Gildor
Founded: January 2015
Structure: Democratic Federation
Character: Peaceful

Bislo1 is a dedicated player of the server. He generally likes to trade and build more than he enjoys Pvp combat. Bislo1 takes great interest in the economy of the server and likes to say that all he owns comes through buying and selling items, rather than mining.

He is the Governor of one of the old centres of trade, Port Hope and is currently Involved in the planning and construction of the Great Capitol of The British Empire, London.

As Governor of Port Hope[edit | edit source]

When Bislo1 first joined the server he traveled the seas to find a suitably sized Island, that could sustain a growing town. He settled with the location that has since then become the first trade town owned by a regular player, letting everyone rent their own shop at affordable prices. Bislo1 and his own business ventures on the island, along with the income collected through the rent fees paid by foreign merchants helped sustain the town and its dynamic growth over a vast period of time.

Port Hope has been there from the start and till the end of the player owned warps. The Town itself has had its share of booming periods with Bislo1 at the helm. It hasn't always been the most popular place to do business, but have nevertheless stood the test of time and effort, shaped the development of the economy, until the day it was decided to end player owned warps. Who knows, Maybe some day the town will regain its former glory, only time will tell.

For more info about Port Hope, see the full History

Involvement with The British Empire[edit | edit source]

Bislo1 is one of the founding players of The British Empire. He joined back when this now historic Empire was merely a small Confederation of Governors under one banner, with the promise to help each other in need. He helped write the Charter and create the foundations for a real government to serve its people rightfully, in which he was appointed the first Minister of Justice. He has made many efforts to keep the Empire on a peaceful and civilized track, using his voice to shift focus on infrastructure, trade and better relations with foreign crews to the best of his abilities.

He has helped shape and develop the Empire to the state it is now, fighting in wars against pirates, promoting trade and improving the organisation of the crew itself along with the many great individuals, Bislo1 have worked with, within the Empire. He has aided former leaders guide the Empire through challenges and have helped secure its existence to this day forth.

Bislo1 also served two consecutive terms as Prime Minister in the British Empire and is currently the only person to have done so. Currently he is still associated with the British, whilst he helps with the construction of London and maintaining his own Settlement, Port Hope.

For a more info about The British Empire, see the full History

Positions within The British Empire[edit | edit source]

Rank Membership
Minister of Justice Spring 2015 - Fall 2015
Minister of Justice (re-elected) Fall 2015 - Spring 2016
Prime Minister Spring 2016 - Fall 2016
Prime Minister (re-elected) Fall 2016 - Spring 2017