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in-game skin
Joined: 22nd. May 2014
Crew: Thirteen Colonies
Position: President
The Thirteen Colonies
US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross.svg.png
Betsy Ross Stars and Stripes
BE Commonwealth of Nations Flag Four Stars 07.02.2016.png
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Leader: NickyB_123
Founded: March 2015
Structure: Federal Republic
Character: Peaceful

Overview[edit | edit source]

NickyB_123, also known as "Nicky", is a well known player on Piratecraft known for his 18th century build style, endevors as the founder and President of the Thirteen Colonies, and unique charm.

                                   More to come..... Under construction :D

Background[edit | edit source]


Additional Notes[edit | edit source]


  • President of the Thirteen Colonies
  • Commander in Chief of Continental Forces
  • Vice Secretariat General of the Common-Wealth of Nations

Crew History[edit | edit source]